The Domain of Aldaran

The Domain of Aldaran

Welcome to Aldaran, the Seventh Domain of Darkover. Many visitors to Darkover find that Aldaran makes a wonderful vacation spot. The City of Caer Donn in particular is extremely popular for its night life, shopping, and cosmopolitan residents. Steeped in history, Castle Aldaran itself is a frequent tourist haven. We hope you enjoy your stay. However, Discover Darkover! makes no assurances as to your safety and well-being while you are in the Domain of Aldaran or any other site on Darkover. Visitors enter at their own risk. To experience the planet's offerings completely, visit the Discover Darkover! Home Page

Aldaran is the Seventh Domain of Marion Zimmer Bradley's wonderful world of Darkover.

The Domain's Gift (or donas) is that of precognition.

Thus its insignia is the two-headed eagle, which sees in both directions.

The current Head of the Domain is the Damisela Maibrie Aldaran. Politically the most advanced Domain in terms of human rights, Aldaran, under Maibrie's guidance, is in the process of formulating a modern constitution where rights are guaranteed.

Even though Aldaran has the appearance of safety and security, tourists should beware that the Hellers which surround the Domain are treacherous, especially in winter. When the Bloody Sun sets, the banshees come out above the timberline. Tourists are strongly cautioned about traveling in the Domain without guides and bodyguards.

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