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Hi! My name is Melody. I live in the country in Missouri. We are a rural area. Small town, but friendly!! I am married to a wonderful Man and we have 3 kids. The oldest is a truck driver, the two younger, girl 16 and boy 10, are both Honor Roll student's! I am so proud of them all. I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters and was raised in this area. We love living in the country! If you would like to talk to me, E-mail me or sign my guest book. I have just started my site, so come back and see how I am doing.

I have a lot of different interests! I love Reading, Doing all kinds of craft's, gardening, Computer's, kid's, pet's, And most of all, learning new thing's!

This picture was taken from Eagles Point, Lake Wappapello. We love to go there and watch the water, we live close by.

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My Husbands site.
Lake applet made with: Fabio Ciucci's ANFY JAVA


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