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Welcome to the newly redesigned Rich Chick's Hitching Post! The good old stuff is still here (like Horslinx and the Photo Album), but there is new stuff here too! In the Photo Album, I still have up all of the pics of my horses and the dog, but now I have pictures of a couple my online buddies and their horses. Plus, there is a gallery of pictures captured from Africam by my buddies, though right now, they are all from Michael. *S* These Africam shots are not only interesting but educational...what more can you ask of a website?? Well, quit wasting time and come on in! Please, don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave. As a matter of fact, why don't you take care of that right now?!

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A Poem About Betty... by: Appajo

There once was a gal named Betty
Who had horses a plenty
One day she showed me a net site
and now I'm cussing my plight
Ebay! Ebay! Was the name
Now I'm broke, and Betty's to blame!

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