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The songs on this page are all original works. They are available for listening online or downloading, and are 'MIDI' format.

MIDI? What's that???

Why Use MIDI?

These MIDI representations are the base arrangements of the songs. MIDI technology allows me to be more elaborate with my arrangements, and to use instruments that I otherwise could never use. Plus, the use of MIDI allows the songs to be used on web pages, and downloaded quickly. I'm also finding that (in recording the tracks for the upcoming Cd), these arrangements are a great starting point.

What if I like a song... Can I use it?

Probably! Thank you for listening, I'm glad you like it and it's very gratifying, especially if the song made you feel closer to God in some way, contact me and let's talk about it! I've also yet to actually charge anyone for using a song in over two years... But please understand this... these are not public domain works, they are copyrighted. They will probably also be listed with CCLI soon. In order to protect the songs themselves, and also my rights as the song's author, it must be this way, so I need to be contacted first.

These songs were inspired by God speaking to me. Some people may have a problem with this statement, but I truly believe this, and I believe each song represents a message that God wants to get heard. But the fact that he spoke to me about it (as opposed to another song writer), means that the finished product will be a combination of His inspiration plus whatever musical skills that I have, mixed in with my own particular musical background (Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical, Rock and Pop) The same inspiration given to someone who was proficient in writing other different musical styles (like Polka's.... Polka Praise! :-) would most likely produce a totally different musical work than what I would come up with, even though the inspiration was the same. Also, in considering that I have 6 children and I am usually broke :-), I would like to be able to contribute to my families income using my musical skills, as God would grant me that I could do so. So, I do not think it is wrong to desire a fair workman's wage in exchange for my participation in writing these songs.

For these reasons, these songs are not public domain. I am trusting in the integrity of anyone who downloads them to act in accordance with the evaluation agreement, and to contact me prior to using these songs in any manner that would violate that agreement.

Please see below for specific copyright considerations on these songs, and contact me at your convenience if you're interested in using any of them.

To whoever takes the time to listen to these songs, regardless if you're a Christian or not, Thank You! :-)

The Song Shack MIDI Page version of the Big, Scary, Legal Notice !!!

I repeat, The songs (MIDI files & lyrics) posted below are copyrighted (C) 1997-1999 by Chris Keller, and are restricted from unauthorized duplication or alteration. They are posted here for evaluation and may be redistributed as long as the contact and copyright information is not removed, however their use in recording or performance is expressly forbidden without prior agreement with the author.

The downloading of these files constitutes your agreement with these conditions. If you cannot agree with this, then please do not download them.

- Chris (making a really stern face)

Take these SONGS and WORSHIP with them !

| All forgiving God | A Place To Stay | He Is Here |

| He Lives Large | Hush | Let Them In |

| A Love Song | My Child | One |

| Run | Slider | Walls In The Kingdom |

| We Cry |

All Forgiving God Click to hear MIDI

2 Chr 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (ASV) (CHORUS) I owe my life to the all for-giv-ing God I owe my life to the all for-giv-ing God I owe my life to the all for-giv-ing ... I can-not keep still this day ... I must speak of the Lord this way ... Speak an-y time, and an-y way... Burn my heart (a fire put to me ) Use my voice ( a mes-sage put through me ) Cleansed my sin ( through blood that was ho-ly ) Gave me life ( for one pur-pose on-ly ) Spread the word ( to all that donít know Him ) In the streets, pro-claim the name JE-SUS! Repeat CHORUS In trou-bled times, some pray to frauds ... No-thing can match the Lord, our God ... All ete-rnal, and mer-ci-ful ... Saw my heart ( the filth that it did breed ) Put in me ( the truth as a new seed ) Loved me still ( though I did deny Him ) Made a path ( so I could go find Him) Drove them out ( the lies that did bind me ) IíM A-LIVE! I PRAISE THE NAME JE-SUS ! Repeat CHORUS I owe my life to the all for-giv-ing ... I give my life to the all for-giv-ing ... Sub-mit my life to the all for-giv-ing ... God!.
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

A Place To Stay Click to hear MIDI

Fa-ther I am wear-y Hold me Warm me In Your arms I lay now Keep me I pray now For you gave us life When you made the man Th-at ate, bit-ter fru-it from the tree And as we go on Make us un-der-stand How blood, can with-stand e-ter-ni-ty (repeat) Oh God, I bore a-no-ther day And God, lost my-self a-long the way I know I donít de-serve it But Iíll cry an-y way Oh God, I need a place to stay Lord, With you I need to stay Lord, my hands are dir-ty Sin-ful Shame-ful To Your heart I beg now For-give me Some-how For I know my strength And it is not much I ate, bit-ter fruit from the tree And for my vain will His blood was touched Ho-ly man, took his life be-cause of me (repeat) Oh God, I strug-gle day to day As I, am temp-ted from the way But with you the path is cer-tain So al-ways hear me say ... Oh God ... I need a place to stay Lord ... Itís you to whom I pray
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

He Is Here Click to hear MIDI

Matt-hew says in verse eigh-teen He is here to-day Where two or more ga-ther in his name He is there that day Trust the word of God to guide us Ne-ver go a-stray We are here to praise His glo-ry He is here to-day! We reach out for Fa-ther God Through His ri-sen Son We owe a debt we can-not re-pay The bat-tle has been won Thank you God for Your son Je-sus The light and the way... We are here to praise His glo-ry He is here to-day!
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

He Lives Large Click to hear MIDI

(1) Some like to say Thereís no God, if there is, where is He, who can know? Ne-ver taught the way From the dead-ly path that they fol-low They must learn to feel ... that their God is re-al ... CHORUS He lives large o-ver all that bears His name The kings in charge and he loves us all the same (2) So much to see in the world, look a-round, life a-bounds, as it should be So much to know thereís so many ways that we can go As we fol-low the way, they will hear us sa-ay .... 2nd CHORUS He lives large Come and praise His migh-ty name The kings in charge and he loves us all the same Lift your voice and sing in a loud and Ho-ly ring Je-ho-vah, king of kings We drink the end-less life You bring
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

Hush Click to hear MIDI

Lit-tle Fa-ces in the hall-way Lit-tle Feet up-on the stair They run a-way, then they turn and give big smiles Mo-ments like this, makes the liv-ing all worth-while Lit-tle Fin-gers on the mir-ror They are Gone but once were there A chi-lds love, is a walk in the sun-shine Feel-ing their love, Iím so thank-ful that theyíre mine {break} Thank you God for all my chil-dren Great-est Gift you gave to me Watch as they grow, and pro-tect them from a-bove Hush all their cries, with the warmth of your sweet love
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

Let Them In Click to hear MIDI

(spoken) and there was much rejoicing ..... verse 1 If you o-pen the door, they will come in, He will draw them From the emp-ty world now, they are nee-dy, bruised & blee-ding Chorus 1 O-pen your heart and wel-come them, o-pen your soul and shel-ter them, Give, of yourself, to com-fort them, Je-sus Christ ... loves us all. (solo break... solo not added, so maybe a little long) verse 2 Peek out-side the door now, see the sha-dow, all that they know You must be the light now, light the sha-dow, where-ev-er you go Chorus2 (For) This, is a time, of great hea-ling, (And) This, is the place, for such feeling, Re-claim the lives, Satanís stea-ling, in the night ... repeat chorus1
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

A Love Song Click to hear MIDI

When Youíre near me I can push a-way the pain I draw from You What I need to main-tain to sus-tain my soul CHORUS 1 When I stop to close my eyes I feel You there itís no su-prise And when I feel You near me I just fall in love a-gain Al-ways with me ne-ver let me go please, no Ce-le-brate You I want to love You as much as You love me REPEAT CHORUS 1 CHORUS 2 No grea-ter love is ever known Than from the Fa-ther to His own And when I feel you love me I just fall in love a-gain
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

My Child Click to hear MIDI

Matt 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (KJV) Do you hear Lord, I cry to You All my heart Lord, wants to know You Do you hear? Yes I hear, child, I can hear you Always know that I am near you My child, My child, I love you My lord {break} Hold my hand and walk with me I ne-ver want to leave you Oh yes, I will, for now I see The won-der that is in You My lord, My child, I love you
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

One Click to hear MIDI

Do you feel God? Do you feel that heís there, Like the wind or ris-ing sun ... E-ter-nal. One. Do you know him? Do you know he loves you, Love en-ough to send his son ... Ho-ly son. One. CHORUS One ... In the love of Je-sus we are one, In the love of Je-sus we are one. ( REPEAT ) Do you feel love? Do you feel love flow-ing, Flow-ing from the ris-en son ... De-cen-ding. Won. Sa-tans run-ning ... Run-ning from the light now, Beat-en by the Ho-ly one ... De-fea-ted. Done! ( REPEAT CHORUS X 2 )
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

Run Click to hear MIDI

(spoken) there comes a time when a man will look in his heart, and admit to himself, thatís all that he is .... and there is no shame ..... (1) I can-not ex-ist a-lone I need a will thatís stron-ger than my own There are times I can-not see A-bove the wall of lies sur-roun-ding me ( And I run ..... ) To the place of all safe-ty Wait-ing for all who try to see Lov-ing arms that com-fort me And make me stron-ger than I should be.... I run ( To my God.. and I am free. ) (2) In that place I try to stay E-vil tries to make me go a-stray Tells me that I have no need To look be-yond for some au-tho-rity ( And It lies ...... ) In that place I want to stay My heart is felt when I start to pray Ho-ly fa-ther fills my need Itís on-ly through faith that I am free... I run ( To my God.. and I am free. )
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

Slider Click to hear MIDI

On the throne... To some, unknown... But you, have called, me home CHORUS God, I love you Jesus, I love you And I, am yours, forever What do, you see... In someone, like me... You see, what I, could be Repeat CHORUS When, I strayed... I turned, away... And I refused to see... (whispered) you never gave up on me! [spoken, passionate preaching... comes on when temo slows down] Luke 15:7 says that there shall be more joy in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, than over ninety nine righteous persons, who need not repent.... Psalms 25:8 says that Jehovah is good and upright: Therefore will he instruct sinners in the way. James 5:20 says to let him know, that he who converteth a sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death The message is clear ... You can never outsin God ... YOU CAN NEVER OUTSIN GOD! He will always want you back, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!, And on that day, when a sinner returns to seek the hand of God, Then heaven will rejoice .... for a lost child has come home !!! Repeat CHORUS I am saved by his blood.... I am saved by his blood.... I am saved by his blood.... I AM SAVED BY HIS BLOOD!
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

Walls In The Kingdom Click to hear MIDI

In the king-dom there are walls We built them there and they stand tall For each one con-tains you see Sep-arate lit-tle com-mun-ity A Faith ... And each fla-vor has itís own pride On an-swers that were found in-side Each one thinks they have the key How the wayís sup-posed to be THE Faith ... {break 1} The walls were built by hu-man things Pup-pets pulled by sin-i-ster strings Play-ing on the faults of man Those who do not know the plan Di-vide ... Christ is there and he stands real tall He can see in-side the walls Most of them have found some key He trea-sures all who try to see Out-side ... {break 2} Let the love of Je-sus bind us Pick a wall and start to climb it O-ver ti-me you will find that I-so-la-tion is a mind set (whispering) isolation is a mind set ...
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

We Cry Click to hear MIDI

To the great God who takes away pain To the great God who gives life a-gain To the great God who forgives all sin For the Godís son that died on the cross For the Godís son we weep for the loss For our gain We cry We cry We wait for the day that is pro-mised man We wait for the day when Christ comes again We wait at the glass and stare at the sand We prepare for the final call Under Godís light, one and all None shall fall We cry We cry We cry We cry out for mercy, we cry out for grace We cry at the joy in seeing the face That is the source of all good in this world Take up the banner, his flag be unfurled We cry We cry We cry
Copyright (C) 1997 Chris Keller, All Rights Reserved

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