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Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), that's Vermul to you...
It is a way to make 3-D objects or virtual worlds that others can examine or stroll through. VRML is a collection of some simple little commands which can be used to build complex scenes. Some people use VRML to design buildings, some design molecules. I've made what I consider to be high art. You be the judge.

In order to see this stuff you'll need a VRML plug-in or control for your browser. There are many. You can use either the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 VRML2.0 controller, the Netscape 4.0 VRML2.0 plug-in, the Cosmo Player plug-in created by Silicon Graphics and then owned by Platinum, and then Owned by Computer Associates, or CCpro by blaxxun Interactive.

To learn more about VRML please see the excellent tutorial at The Annotated VRML 2.0 Reference Manual is the definitive book on VRML.

To learn all about it, please see the specification at

See some other VRML objects at my Tri-pod web site.

See some Cybertown VRML Help pages about  VRML at my other web site.

Visit the VRML Gallery; See the VRML Shrine of VRML Shrines.
The Original Shrine of Saint Sandroux. Please remove your shoes before entering. This is the first VRML thing I made (view the code, see the plain text version).
The Parthenon. By: Ictinus & Callicrates, 432 B.C.
The Pantheon. By: Hadrian, 118 B.C.
The Shrine of Athena Nike. By: Callicrates, 420 B.C.
The Julii Family Mausoleum. 30 B.C.
All of the above together Virtual Athens.
A single family dwelling called Brookfield.
Another single family dwelling called Creekwood.
My actual house 138.
Haunted Castle for Halloween 1998. Very Spooky!
You can leave the monastery when you can untie the HyperKnot, Grasshopper.
Double your pleasure, double your fun! It's the Doublemint Twist.
And to continue the religious theme, view the old rusty Cross.
The VRML juggler. The three ball cascade; hyperactive virtual reality.

Cascade | Reverse Cascade | Shower | 2n1 | 3 Club Cascade

This is the Shrine plus several VRML art objects. An inlined collection of art.
OK, maybe you need to see a vrml dart. Click it to hit the bull like I do.
It is about time. Click the vrml hourglass.
See my virtual Chess set. Is it my move? Checkmate!
Time after time one thing stands clear, if you've got the time....
Some more high my face to make it rotate.
Multi-user interactive VRML is available through blaxxun Interactive's Contact VRML browser plug-in. Once you've downloaded and installed the plug-in, you can sign up and enjoy it at Cybertown. "My" house would be at

See my Shrine as a multi-user interactive world. (if you have blaxxun's Contact 4.0+ ).

See Athens as a multi-user interactive world. (if you have blaxxun's Contact 4.0+ ).

3-D VRML Site navigation tool. Frames? or No Frames?

This Colony City Web-ring site is owned by Mr. Phillip, a resident of Colony City, living in Metaverse Neighborhood on the Lawnmower block. "My" house would be at
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