Tom Smith

The World's Fastest Filker

Tom Smith is, indeed, the world's fastest filker. He has been known to listen to a song and have a filk of it written within minutes. The story goes that at a recent O(hio) V(alley) F(ilk) F(est), the contest was held called something like "The Best Song Tom Smith Didn't Write." Well, Tom was in the audience, and by the time the entrants had completed their entries, Tom had written parodies of their songs, then promptly sat down and performed all of them! In person, he can be the shiest individual, but get his muse up, and look out! You're in for it now! As far as I'm concerned, the only contest not yet held, and it should be, would be a contest between him, Bob Kanefsky (aka "Kanef"), Jane Mailander and Joe Ficklin, to see who could come up with the most outrageous parody. In addition, he was the Guest of Honor for GaFilk 2001, aka "My Ghod, It's Full of Ghoti!"

As of now, Tom has several albums available. I now have, Tom Smith Plugged in CD, Debasement Tapes in CD, Digital Acoustic Compilation, And they Say I've Got Talent in CD, Domino Death in cassette only, and Who Let Him in Here? in cassette only. Since I only recently picked up the earlier albums, no reviews are up yet. Also, this is beginning to change, as some items are now out of stock.

Just released: The Last Hero on Earth.

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