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Just to let everyone know: Yahoo is closing down Geocities sometime before year's end, which means this site will no longer be available (at least here). I am presently trying to figure out where I'm going to put the on-line store to keep it going. I've been given a few suggestions, and am pondering them and seeking more ideas (which, if you have any, please forward them to me, OK?). This stinks.

New CD in from Canada. A filker named Juliana McCorrison has put out a CD called "Not Just Lullabies from Planet Earth." It's $16 for the CD and it has almost 70 minutes of music.

Two more CDs in stock: Mark Horning's "Space & Freedom," a live album, and Leslie Fish's long-awaited "Lock & Load." In addition, two more CDs have been ordered and will be here fairly soon (I hope).

The order form has finally been completely updated! If you want a copy, drope me a note at the e-mail address below, and I'll be happy to send it to you. It's in both WordPerfect and PDF formats.

Several CDs are now out of stock, and I will not be restocking them. In some cases, it's taken me 5-6 years to sell a dozen CDs and it's just not worth it for me to restock them.

One note: in order to increase security with regards to orders, if you want to order and use a credit card, you'll need to fax me your credit card number (or telephone me with it). This is to protect you.

I made the newspaper in Greenville, South Carolina, in conjunction with the First Greater Greenville Scottish Games and Highland Festival. Here's what they said:

However, if you spot the Southern Fried Filk tent, don't go charging in hoping for another wee Scottish tastie, it's a Celtic music vendor! Food for the soul, not the body.

Southern Fried Filk is happy and proud to announce that it has affiliated itself with Clan McBubba!

There are no sound files on this site for you to download. There are other sites where you can "test drive" the music.

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