Adam Selzer

Unusual Georgia filker

Adam Selzer appeared at a filk several years ago with an untuned guitar, a "Weird Al" kind of worldview, and a lot of songs which have become popular in Georgia Filkdom inculding, but not limited to, "I Thought She Was a Goth (but it turned out she was dead)," "It Used to Be a Cantina, but Now It's a Starbucks," "Pushing Cheerleaders Down the Stairs," the list goes on. Well, he has 5 albums out (well, actually, 4 - the first one is no longer in print). They are:

  1. "Uncle Herbert's Extra-Rowdy Funeral"
  2. "Worst Episode Ever"
  3. "Storm Shadow" (with the Maritime Band); and
  4. his latest, "Suburban Post-Modernist" (with His Revolving Door All-Stars)

Each CD is $12.00

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