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Store policies

I won't be getting any of the Firebird Arts and Music or older Off Centaur stuff, thanks to stupidity on my part.

In order to gain your confidence and goodwill, you can listen to a CD or cassette before you decide to buy it if you buy from me in person. In this way, you can determine what you like and what you don't. After all, I'd rather you be a satisfied customer than an unsatisfied one.

If you like what the service, product, whatever that I offer, tell your friends. If you don't like it, TELL ME.

Also, there are no sound files on this site for you to download. There are other sites where you can "test drive" the music.

How can I see what you have available?

You have several choices if you want to see what I have:

  1. Look at the on-line catalog, starting here.

  2. There is now a paper order form, which I'll be sending to conventions I can't go to and will have at conventions I do. At the local conventions, the store will be with me. For things further away, I'll bring the "portable store." If you run into me at a convention, say "HELLO." Chat with me. Buy something from me. I don't bite.

  3. I can e-mail you the order form in PDF format.

  4. I bring the store with me to GaFiA meetings. You can view and purchase from me at that time.


If you order $100 or more, you will get a 10% discount. Random Factors did that right.

Ordering Options

Right now, there are two ways you can order from me:

  • You can either send me e-mail at (NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS) (just click on the link below); OR

  • You can fax me your order (just make it legible, please?) to US Country Code 1, 404-321-2112. My answering machine for Southern Fried Filk, LLC is attached to the fax printer as well, so you can either leave me a voice message (wait for the beep) or, on your touch-tone phone (don't laugh - I knew a business back in California that had a rotary-dial phone in it until 1995!) when my phone message starts, hit * 5 1 and your start key. That'll activate the fax machine.
  • Shipping Options

  • I can send it to you via Express Mail, which starts at ~$13 and change for a small package. It will take one day to reach you once I mail it out, if you're in the United States;OR

  • I can send it to you via Priority Mail, which starts at $4.00 right now for up to two pounds, and the US Post Office says it takes 2-3 days to get the package to the destination. Priority World Mail starts at $4.50, if you're outside of the US; OR

  • If you prefer me to send your order via Federal Express or UPS or somesuch, remember, that costs more. A LOT MORE. I now have an account. If you want me to ship via FedEx, I'll need your account number. I can then have the postage billed to you directly, and you don't need to send me the postage with your order.

    How Do I Pay?

    Yeah, I finally had to get to this. I accept cash, checks, Discover/Novus, American Express, VISA and MasterCard! In the case of credit card orders, I would prefer that you fax me the order and put a statement at the bottom giving me permission to bill your credit card for your order AND SIGN IT AT THE BOTTOM! That should be good enough for me to process your order. If you'd rather deal with me via e-mail, the process takes a bit longer.

    If you're sending me a check, please make it out to Southern Fried Filk (unless I tell you differently) and send it to:

    Southern Fried Filk, LLC
    c/o Michael Liebmann
    1217 Woodland Avenue #2
    Atlanta, GA 30324-4501

    If you're from outside the USA, if you're not paying by credit card (which might just be easier), I'd prefer that you send me an international money order, but that you first contact me with your order, so I can determine the cost of the postage, OK?

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