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What Filk and Folk Books Are Available

  1. Dr. Seti's "Sing a Song of Seti" is available in very limited quantity. It costs $10.00, and contains nearly 20 songs, 15 of which he sang at his toastmaster concert at Conterpoint 4.

  2. I have one copy of Rudyard Kiplings Poetry, the Definitive Edition, in stock. It is leatherbound. Cost is $30.00. I also have a softbound copy due in. Cost will be $9.00.

  3. I'll now have 8 of the Conterpoint 4 songbooks, "Thus Filked Zarathustra." Cost is $10.00.

  4. I now have the "Bastard Children of Argo." It's a little over 90 pages with a bit over 80 songs, plus the music and lyrics for the original. Cost is $12.00, and semi-limited number in stock.

  5. Boogie Knights has two books out now. I have them both in stock. Knight to Queen's Level is $12.00. Rhythm of the Knights is $10.00

  6. I have in "September 11, 2001 - A Memorial Songbook." It has 30 songs in it. Cost is $10.00. 'nuff said.

  7. The Combination book for FilkONtarios 9 and 10 has 34 songs in it. Cost is $10.00. Since I'll be going to FilkONtario 2003, I hope to bring back some of the new one for the store.
  8. Can't find something? LET ME KNOW!

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