A world-renown Celtic band from Texas

This is the band's group shot picture.

I ran into this band at the 2000 Atlanta Celtic Festival. It was at that time I found out about the International Celtic Festival, where this group was to be the opening act. That's a great honor (hey, if I were the opening act for something like this, I'd think it was a great honor, too). The group is very high-energy. Their vibes are pervasive, and they're very very good. Naturally I thought that I should carry their albums for sale. It just took me three months to get the arrangements made.

In the year since I first saw them, the band has been extremely busy, doing a lot of Highland Games, the Festival Interceltique in Breton, and touring across the country plus going to Nova Scotia. They were at Eddie's Attic in Decatur on October 19, 2001, and the music has gotten tighter and much better. They're still extremely high energy and well worth the listen.

Now in stock as well is their live album, plus the solo album from Jen Hamel, the band's guitar player/lead singer, plus the bagpiper's first album, called "Willow."

For some reason, I can't get their album covers to display on the page. Their albums are:

  1. The Ale is Dear
  2. The Haunting It's become more difficult to get this CD in, so I've closed it out. I have none left.
  3. To Anybody at All
  4. Music from Home There are no longer any available, anywhere.

In addition, Jen Hamel, the band's guitar play, has one out called "Fine Small Storm," and E.J. Jones, the bagpiper, has one out called "The Willow."

The cost for each CD is $15.00, and they're well worth it.

As of February 28, 2003, the band disbanded.

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