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Merry Meet and thank you for taking this time to come and visit my page.
Here you will learn a little more about me and what I am about!

My name is Forrest. I am a Canadian.
I come from a rather small family! My Parents were both born in England and came to Canada with my eldest sister Ann in the 1950's. Here in Canada they had two more children, Carol and then myself.
I was born January 13th, 1959 and have been told I am a typical Capricorn!

I have many hobbies! I have a passion for music and love just about any kind of music there is except Rap. I play the harp,and piano, the irish flute,& guitar and also help my son, Joel with his music lessons.I have many musicians that I love and listen to. Usually it's Chris de Burgh, I've followed his music since 1973 and I love the Ballads..I also love Mary Chapin Carpenter and listen to her music quite frequently.I work out 4 times a week at Curves.
I love to frequent the local festivals, listen to live music such as the blues or folk music, I am a member of both societies.

I love to use my scroll saw and do wood work.

Reading is another of my hobbies as well as arts and crafts,photography,travelling,sailing, snorkeling & diving, astrology & birdwatching. I love to make my own stationary and I also love to cook and bake.I am seldom without my camera.I am crazy about rocks and crystals and can't seem to collect enough of them!!!

I love to take pictures and usually have double prints made so I can make my own cards that I send to people. I guess my very favourite hobby is music. It is when I feel so much at peace with myself when I sit down and play my harp. I love this feeling. Aromatherapy, Reiki, Reflexology and Massage are things I have a passion for as well. I love to create synergies with different oils, make my own soaps from the lavender in my garden, and make my own creams and incense.

In my spare time I like to play with the Essembles that I'm in and we do concerts for Christmas, Medieval Festivals and Fundraisers. So far all the fundraisers we've done to date are for Autism. I find this very rewarding and beneficial for all of us as we play and those we play for. I've been taking workshops on vibrational healing with the harp and have only just dipped into it, I'm finding it really fascinating!!!

I just finished working with autistic adolescents and have switch my career over to working with acquired brain injury patients. My job is very rewarding and it's something I really love to do and look forward to each day. Also I work in Respite work during spare time helping families and giving them the long earned respite they need with special needs children.

I have relocated to British Columbia, July 2004. It's been a very big change in my life, a new beginning perhaps, I'm not sure, but for now this is where I must be.

I need to be near the ocean,or at least water,& the forests, they are where I belong, not in a city.

I have been blessed with a wonderful son, his name is Joel. Joel now has his own webpage and you can find his link on my Friends Page!
Also I have 3 nephews and 1 niece. My sister Ann has 2 wonderful sons, Tim & Alex. I am Alex's GodMum.Unfortunately, I don't get to see them very much as they reside in Switzerland. Carol has two wonderful children also, Cory and Tabitha. They live in British Columbia.

I seem to be the glue that is forever trying to keep families together.

Both my Parents have passed away, and I am going to try and find a nice photo of them so I can put it up here on my webpage. I lost my Dad at a very young age of 18 and my Mum has only died recently. I was a very fortunate child to have had two extremely wonderful parents. I miss them both terribly.My parents taught me how to be a compassionate person, they were the most generous people I know. They kept us living in a home of peace and harmony and I'm grateful for all I've learned from them. It's because of them that I've become who I am.

I have a deep respect for nature and animals and if you still need to know more about me then you better ask!!! And if you've had enough of reading about me.. run!...

With Metta, Forrest Song

Life is too precious, don't destroy it. Life is love... enjoy it.

November 11th, 1998.. a sad day in my life..
I lost my very dear friend "YEATA".. he passsed away today and I shall never forget him and will miss him terribly.
I wish his family comfort and love and grieve with them.
Life is so short, we must never take it for granted.
Yeata.. you taught me alot, Yeata you live on forever in my heart.

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