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"I think my guide has died inside the ride." -- Les Newton

So where are all the dinosaurs???

Ah good question. I'm glad you asked. Actually, you didn't ask, I did. There goes my ego again... or is it my id? (see the 'about me' section). Anyway, it seems I haven't added them yet, so the page isn't as good as the title proclaims... YET. But fear not, the dinosaurs WILL be added.

All of the links are in working order now, but the contents are perpetually expanding, just like the universe. If you notice a redshift, don't worry... it's normal. Just don't turn your head to the left or right too quickly, and definitely don't look directly above you.

And check out my new 3-D section, eh? It's the trueSpace section.

By the way, are you a Pearl Jam fan? If you're not, then... I guess I won't kill you. If you are, go here and there is an excellent scan of the group high five from the TEN cd foldout.


Oh yeah! And don't forget to go


It's my Photos of California page! TRUST ME, you WON'T REGRET IT!!!

Oh... and if you don't go to Ray's page, I will have to harm you. Just click his link below and everything will be ok.

Ray's  Realm

And now for the other stuff.

Tidal Distortion Game Development
3-D images created with trueSpace
demented poems, stories, and pictures
nuclear explosions
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There are:
'a trillion bazillion googleplex squared to the power of google'
roaches in my apartment.

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The constituent elementary particles which comprise this website (photons, electrons, etc.) were once churning in the raging maelstrom of the heart of a long since exploded star. Just thought I'd let you in on that tidbit of info.

Also, all images on this webpage were either created by me, Ash Davis (except for the Pearl Jam pic, and other photos; but I DID scan and edit them, though) with trueSpace 2 & 4, PaintShop Pro 5, Painter Classic, or good old fashioned pencil and paper.

"I don't want to sing beautiful, I just want to sing true." -- Les Newton

Here's your damn plug, Geocities!!!

Oh yeah, and they also wanted me to put this link here:

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