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Please send me mail telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it.

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Personal  Information

Hello, my name is Rick Williams aka doggeyez. I enjoy sports, art, music and have many hobbies and interests. I hope to add links to this page some of  my internet interests which include mp3's. Just now updating my sites so look for some changes. If you want to know more about me check out:   I have things about the basketball team I coached and I will keep this page dedicated to those memories also!


I keep hearing that Bart Simpson is in my shadow.

Whatever, hahaha!


I love this game!



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Biographical Information

1956, Washington
Married March 1978 to Lorraine Thomas
1994-1999 worked for Lummi High School
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Personal Interests


Art and Hobbies
I am into many forms of art and spend alot of time looking for images on the net. I have a high interest in Native American art, graffiti and sci-fi themes but, images of all kinds can catch my interest. I also do traditional Native American beadwork and may scan and post some samples if there is an interest. I also enjoy reading Native American literature, and collecting original Native American artwork. I hope to some day sing on a round drum and also work on regalia to do traditional dancing. Even though I'm in my forties I believe its never to late to learn anything!
I listen to all kinds of music including: jazz, blues, rap, country, classical and pow wow. Did I leave anything out? The artists include George Benson, BB King, EPMD, Patsy Cline, Mozart and Black Lodge
Lummi Black Hawks
The Hawks are a team I coached in the northwest "B" league of Washington State. This team has a lot of heart and has been an inspiration for me. Hyshqe Siams! (Thank You My Respected Ones)
L to R bottom Jeff, coach, William, Eugene, Jesse, Juge, Keith. L to R top Billy, Issac, Norby, Danny, Marty
I am a loyal Seahawks and Sonics fan, because you got to be faithful to your home team through the good and the bad. Sounds like being married huh?  The Lummi Black Hawks basketball team are such a small team they always surprise teams that they can hang in a game without getting blown out. I'm always proud of the Lummi Black Hawks! It was a productive 1999 season for William Solomon who once again will be nominated for all conference. Eugene Washington did well and will be recognized for his efforts, he also received a nomination for all conference for the 1999 season! The Black Hawks are still young so this is only the begining. The Black Hawks will continue to gain more experience and in the years ahead  more of the students will reach elgibility for the 1999 and 2000 season and years beyond. Formost, education is the ultimate goal for these players. I am proud of the 1998-1999 team because no matter what, they never gave up! This is the tradition of the Lummi Black Hawks and I hope they will continue this in all parts of their lives.The Lummi Black Hawks
Traditional Native American Beliefs
My growth as a human being has been due to utilizing the ways and beliefs of my Native American culture through the sweat lodge and prayer. I am an infant in the learning stage of my understandings. I hope to gain more insight when I talk to my elders of my desire to continue my walk on the red road. It is an ever difficult path with these fast changing times.The elders are the key to the past and our future, pray hard and be strong my brothers and sisters. We live for the future of our children!
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