Chateau de Beaumont

Greetings One & All to the [virtual] Chateau de Beaumont.
A Bit About Us: We are a SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.) Household. We reside in the Canton of Wyewood, between the borders of the Baronies of Blatha an Oir & Madrone, in the Western region of the Kingdom of An Tir.
The Head of our Household is Charles de Beaumont, eldest Son of Beaumont, a Norman. He is likely to be found taking photos for The Medieval Times, or on the archery range during daylight hours!

Charles married Joneta inghean Feradaig, known as Nettie in the Society, of the MacLost clan in AS XXVIII at Autumn War in the Barony of Blatha an Oir. Together they have begun building the Household De Beaumont.
There are currently 15 members of Chateau de Beaumont, some living in the Kingdom of Caid, with most residing in their home Kingdom An Tir.

Charles & Nettie de Beaumont

When at Events, we can be found in this particular pavilion, known as

Chateau de Beaumont. It has been downsized quite a bit from its original size & will be replaced as soon as possible with a more period pavilion.

Visit again soon, as changes are continuously happening. One upcoming change will be a members directory for the Chateau de Beaumont. Again, Welcome to the Chateau & enjoy your visit!

The Medieval Times

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