Phat, isn't it??Phat, isn't it??Phat, isn't it??

Greetings!! We are the D.C. Coalition Step Team!!

My name is Galen Muhammad.
I signed up our Team on 3/4/98 19:06:02, but we
have not finished moving in yet.

Our interests are:
The upliftment and advancement of oppressed peoples.
We educate, inspire and entertain!!

Team Biography

The D.C. Coalition Step Team is comprised of members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the oldest historically Black Intercollegiate fraternity in the United States. The Step Team members come from a diverse range of ethnic, cultural, professional, and religious backgrounds. They have all pledged themselves to spiritual and self-development as well as community service & economic empowerment for all. The company has performed in schools, universities, community centers, churches, festivals, and competitions throughout the east coast and Canada. They were featured in the Step Africa festival, which offered them the opportunity to study gumboot, pansula, and traditional South African step dances.

The official name of our page is:

D.C. Coalition Step Team Website!!

So far, you are number

on our site!!

E-mail us at STEP_TEAM@HOTMAIL.COM in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit us!!


Phat, isn't it??

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