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No one ever posts anymore, no one ever talks on onlist anymore, what's going on? Talk about a spirt-depressionist. It doesn't make sense. "Keep writing fanfic.", we say, "Keep the Space Cases spirt alive", "Keep fighting, the story will be told one day" Do these words, mean nothing to anyone any more? Are they meaningless? We say these things, and we fight, and we fight, and we fight... Then... nothing. It stops. The spirt... The spirt seems to be lost. I haven't heard from a caser on any list for 3 months. That's odd - actually, it's downright wrong. Every one seems to have lost their spirt, I for one, am questioning it myself. Does it not matter to you anymore? I know, during the school year, it's hetic, I had the same problem. But summer's here - and has been for almost a month. Last summer, there was alot of activity. Now, there's none. Maybe you should ask yourself if your heart's still in it, too. Now, I have put alot of thought into what I'm about to say next. 'Alot of thought' is 3 - 4 months of considering this. I have seemed to have lost most my spirt. I find it very hard to write fanfic, because the show is not progressing. Some of the characters are hard to write, because the show did not use them as much as they should have. I probably will never finish Planet Diabola for two main reasons, as well as the reason why I am putting this site on hold for awhile. The first, is because I, personaly think that the story idea is not the best, and I never really wanted to finish it after the first chapter. I think that it, to put it bluntly, sucked. The Second reason is because it was mainly a Suzee-Focused story, and, alot of the fans are AntiSuzee, and I do not wish to fight over this any longer.
As for the whole putting the site on hold issue, I have, now, a new obsession. I never was 'obsessed' with Space Cases, I just loved it. I still do like it, and if the story is told, whether it be through continuing the series, or publishing it in book, or on the net, I will update this site. My new obsession, as I am, truly 'obsessed' I eat, sleep, and think it, is a continuing show. I am working on a webpage, it is halfway done. Even though the show only has one season, season 7, left, then a follow up movie and possibly a movie series, as the creator has promised he will leave room for it, as well as a slight chance of a 'next generation' version of it. There, are, still issuse's that cause arguements, but those issues do not include completly degrading the characters. This 'issue' is in fact, betwwen the 'shippers'(who basically support the 'hallway scene', and the episodes triangle{kiss!kiss!}and the end of PMP. We spend endless hours nitpicking episodes for hints of romance,and UST, as well as love the 'IMBS') and 'noromos', who do not support thhose aspects. I myself, am a shipper. We(the shippers) do argue with the noromos at some points, but I have yet to see more than 3 heavily debated situations. By heavily debated situations I mean as to degrading characters, and making uncalled for comments. Yes, we have clubs, and do, from time to time, make a mean remarke, but those times are rare. We understand *both* sides of the debating team, and understand where they're comming from. Not to bame anyone, but for me, one of the main factors pushing me towards this decision was the whole Catilina or Suzee arguements, stories, and such. In result, I have decided to put this site on hold until, as I said before, the story is told, or there is some progress in the story line. I may pick it up later, if, my spirt is renewed.
Now, back to my new obsession, It is also a scifi show, one which is very popular. I know, that some of you, do watch this show, and, perhaps, are just as obsessed about it asI am. If you are, from the above info, you should have figured out which show this is. The show, is 'The X-Files'. You can visit my page, which is half finished, here . I have written fanfic, which will soon be posted. My name, in the XF world, is Skippy The Squirrel.
So, until the day I come back to this page - If you watch this show, I'll see you around. If not, farewell for now.
You've all been great friends, and I'll miss you.
Luv, ~Lauren =:o)

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