1999 The Year of Blessings

It is the last year of the millenium. There is hype about Y2K, folks are wondering what the new century will bring in. Of course there is the usual predictions of the end of the world. But as for my household there has been nothing but blessings upon blessings from the gracious Lord above. Even events that did not even look like they could even remotely turn into blessings.

In January my baby brother came to us and said he wanted to help us buy our first house. A dream I had felt sure would not happen for several more years. Greg and Danni felt they had been given so much that it was time for them to share. I had talked to my brother about my dream to own my home. No more landlords!!!!. So the frantic search began.

I remember praying to the Lord that if this were his will then we would not be able to renew our lease. I called to see about renewing our lease. I was told they were not going to renew the lease. It took us till March and three bids later to find the house. The irony was that Thomas and I had said we would not live in Gold Bar. Our search in the local area did not yield any possibilities. We were forced to start looking further out. We drove by this one house with acreage and in Gold Bar no less. We both said there is no way we could afford a place with acreage. The next day I was to go out with Elizabeth our realtor. The first house we looked at was the one we were sure we could not afford. All was falling into place. They accepted our bid. The final working were going on to finalize the bid. Then the well did not pass inspection. We were coming down to the wire. The final paper work went into the bank hours before we would have to draw up new paper work. We took possession of the house April 15, 1999.

I was coming home from work one night in April. I had just taken care of an elderly gentleman who shared a friend at the church with my Gram. I had what I can only call a vision. I saw my Gram having a heart attack but I also remember hearing that this would not take her away. She had another ten years. That night I slept very poorly. I awoke from a nightmare about three in the morning. I blew it all off. Telling myself that I was just being paranoid. The next morning, Mom calls. Gram was in the hospital in Monroe. She had a heart attack. My world was totally rocked. I love this woman more than I can put into words. Even more chilling was that I was forewarned of the coming event. I have always doubted myself when it came down to it, could I honor my Gram's wishes when it came time for her to leave me. I will admit that I am very selfish when it comes to Gram. I want her to live forever! I have prayed all my life that my children would KNOW this wonderful woman. The wonderful Lord above granted me this pray. Each and every day is a blessing to my children and me.

More importantly, I know that my love for my Gram transcends this worldly life. I now know that I can honor her wishes in the end. I also now know that when my patients and their families have to deal with these same issues I am honoring them as well. Some times when I am at work, a voice says to me, "what so ever ye do unto them yea also do unto me." My prayer before each workday is that I am the Lord's servant.

My brother and his wife have been trying for years to have a child. My brother has wanted a child for so long. Danni gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on June 3, 1999. This double income no kids couple will now finally get to put their parenting expertise to the test. J I am tickled pink for them. My brother will make a wonderful father. This big guy who intimidates the others around him never fools the children that come in contact with him. They always know that he is a push over. Ashley will be on e very love child. I believe my brother sees her as a blessing.

Brian and Ian came out for the summer on June 11,1999. The children are coming together through life's trials and tribulations. Their motto is surely coming t o be all for one and one for all. Each of them comes out a stronger and more caring child. We are truly blessed to have each an every one of these children. Nathan and Brian are inseparable. Kaelani relishes babying Ian. Ian eats up the attention as if there were going to be no tomorrow. We pray that soon the boys will be with us for the better part of the year.

I pray each night that I will be the mother the Lord would have me to be. These beautiful children have had some difficulties beyond their comprehension and none of their doing. My prayer is that through the Grace of God, they will be able to look beyond these hard times and see that all things work to the good of the Lord.

Thomas' Dad came out this summer. I never in my wildest dreams thought he would come out so soon. The catalyst that brought him out was most assuredly not of a good nature. But again, another blessing not only for us but for Thomas' parents as well. He came for four wonderful days. I know this gave Thomas great joy. It gave me great joy. Thomas' dad is an amazing and wise man. However, the true test will be if Duff comes out for the next summer.

Karen and Cliff, my long time friends came to see our new place. It had been years since I had seen them. As far as Kaelani is concerned, Karen is a second mother. She has had a longing to see Karen. We were able to get the "old" gang together again. Just like old times.

Thomas finally has a job that challenges him and he looks forward to each and every day. Thomas pie in the sky…Microsoft, the big computer gurus. This was a job I was hesitant for him to take. The last two years have been tough on Thomas. He has changed and strengthened his walk with the Lord. Thomas was eating a lot of humble pie. He can now see why it was necessary for him to learn to be humble. Thomas is getting I am sure one of his prayer's answered. Our financial status is improving. All by the Grace and Mercy of the magnificent Lord above.

The year is just four months shy of ending. However, I look forward to each and every day. We are so unworthy of all the blessings that have come our way. Yet the Lord still grants them to us.

Kaelani's Blessing: "Opa came out."
Age 10

Brian's Blessing: "Dad. He has been spending time with me."
Age 9

Nathan's Blessing: "Love. What do you think, Love!"
Age 6

Ian's blessing: "popcorn"
Age 3

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