Hi, I'd like to thank you for stopping by to see me *S*. I would first like to thank a great guy, Trainman, for showing me the ropes of making a page. Thanks guy !

I was born and raised in, of all places, Peoria, Illinois, yes Virginia, there is a Peoria! Travelling has become a way of life with me. I left Peoria in 1970, moved to Oberbach, Germany for 13 months. Denver, Colorado was my next stop, our first son was born there, Jonathan Michael arrived January,24,1974.I fell madly in love with him, a quiet child, to this day he is still quiet, a wonderful guy who I am so proud to call my son. In 1975, we packed again and moved to Columbus, Ohio for 18 months. Our next stop took us to Carbondale, Illinois, where Matthew Robert made his appearance on August 17,1978. I love him dearly, he was more than a hand full, but the joy of my life. He is a very funny guy, he cracks everyone up. He is a kind, and loving young man. In 1980 we moved to St.Peters, Missouri. St.Peters is about 15 minutes from St.Louis, a town I fell in love with and would go back to in a heartbeat. 1986 saw us pack up once again and head to Franklin, Tennessee, where we remain to this day.

I am married to the most wonderful man any woman could ever hope for. He is very caring, thoughtful, loving and giving. Rick, I love you with all my heart and soul, how can I thank you for putting up with me all these years ?

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"Please help to support the "Adopt A Guardian Angel" Program. By doing so you are virtually taking the hand of a neighbor and joining us in creating a never ending circle around the world that will empower us to stand up and be the voice for all children of this planet! Show them we care enough to make a difference! In reality, by displaying this link back to our site you are helping us to meet our goal of creating awareness, education, recognition, prevention and intervention and that is the first real step towards breaking the cycle of abuse and stopping all forms of maltreatment!-Thank you for your support!"

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