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"They all sang beneath the same sun.
Looked up in wonder at the same One.
And wept when it was all done,
For being done too soon ...
For being done too soon."
Neil Diamond

It is all too easy, while doing genealogy, to only see names and dates. But, these names were all people - like us, with hopes and fears, good times and bad. They had fears of war and dreams of peace. Everyone - past, present or future - are all people, living in their own time and place; with more things in common than in differences.

Without family, we are insignificant - lost and alone. As a member of a family, there is continuity - a piece in a tapestry that stretches back further than we can imagine, and forward as far as our dreams can reach.

This site is dedicated to my family. What I am is the result of the individual histories of an unimaginable number of people - each with their own lives, in their own places and times.

I am primarily researching the WAINRIGHT/ WAINWRIGHT Family. My ancestor, Daniel WAINRIGHT (b 22 Sep 1780 in
NJ; d 11 Sep 1855 in Washtenaw Co, MI) and his wife, Eleanor
(Nellie) HAVENS (b. 1782; d. 18 May 1858) were married in
1801in Monmouth Co, NJ. The Family moved to the Fingerlakes region of NY about 1817 (near Ithaca) and moved to MI in about
1834. They had many children and I am interested to hear from
any of their descendants or from anyone with info about their
I'd love to hear from any WAINRIGHT, WAINWRIGHT
or any other spelling - with any kind of luck we'll be related,
if not, we probably still have information to share.
Additional Surnames of interest:
WOLF/WIESENDORF Germans from Russia; then Bristol CT and MI WEMPLE of New Netherlands; then MI
BOONE from England in 1856; then NY and MI GRAY of Livingston Co, MI
DAKIN of NY; then Ingham Co, MI PORTER of Washtenaw Co, MI
My wife's Surnames of interest:
MCPHERSON of MI SLOVAK of Czechoslovakia; then MI
MERINSKY of Czechoslovakia COOK of MI

Any information would be appreciated. I would also be happy to share any information that I have.
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