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Welcome to Haus Drachë Shepherd's HomePage, formerly Dryghnwyrn Shepherds. I chose, after much consideration, to change the kennel name from one that reflects my Celtic heritage to one more in keeping with the breed. Also, the choice was helped along by my receiving equal amounts of request for "Celtic" type breed information, as I was recieving for my breed information. While I don't necessarily think this was a horrid problem it does cost me considerable time doing web searches on other breeds. This is a service I will no longer provide.

Haus Drachë is dedicated to the preservation of the German Shepherd Dog breed. We believe strictly in the SV breed guidelines. We do not believe in breed american show crosses, long coats, blues, silvers, dilutes nor deviation from the breed standard intentionally. It is, our intent to provide sound information, on the breed, sound and ethical breed practices and to share those ideas and information that have come, through the years.

Haus Drachë attempts to provide a resource site to anyone needing or wanting more information on the breed. If you have information you would like to see included please e-mail me and I'll check the link.

I've been involved in the German Shepherd Breed for over 30some odd years as a breeder, trainer, handler and importer. Through good and bad times, all of my energies have been focused toward educating and, hopefully, producing and preserving this wonderful breed; as close to the German Standard as is humanly possible. Currently, however, due to health complications I am no longer training or handling my own German Shepherd Dogs for Schutzhund and as such and because I could not find a good trainer I am no longer breeding - in fact almost all of my GSDs are retired or have been sold. .

You will find that I believe that a good German Shepherd Dog is one that is well balanced, in all aspects of the standards, as dedicated breeding can provide. I don't believe that sacrifices of structure, temperament, health or any part of the standard must weighed as more important than any other. It is my belief that taking the time to research and study each line and dog, the end result will be better balanced and an over all sounder animal than breeding to what's "popular" any given year.

For this reason you will find very few dogs that are the "rage" were ever in my lines. I bred very rarely, usually to replace my own dogs and only after spending great lengths of time studying which matches will give me the greatest hope of achieving my end goals. I hope that you, the next generation of GSD enthusiasts will do like wise - the only way to secure the VERY best of the breed for yourself is to LEARN...I hope this site offers you that chance.

This kennel has never practiced the fads that come and go in this breed, (I see a lot of the imports are starting to have that hyper extension that the american GSDs had in the 70s, 80s and are now trying to correct - don't fool yourself this is NOT correct form)for all of the years I was involved with the breed, this kennel consitantly produced the same TYPE of GSD, level toplines, sloping croup, in size with correct structure and temperament...don't be fooled LOOK around, the structure of the breed IS the breed...a poor specimen no matter the titles or "bloodlines" is still a poor specimen.

The main purpose of this site is not to sell any puppy or dog, I consider our main mission as making sure that the public is as well educated as possible. To make the best decision in purchasing any animal, not only a German Shepherd Dog.

Most of the current links are text files, and are part of my kennel packet.

What Haus Drachë believes your future breeder/ kennel should Offers:

buttonFull vaccination and Worming Schedule

No puppy should leaves a kennel without first receiving a full vaccination schedule; this means three (3) series DHLPP plus Bordetella and Corona Virus. Puppies begin worming at three weeks and receive regular worming, as needed, until they leave the kennel.

What this means to you? Your new puppy or dog is able to become an immediate member of your family; with little, or no concern regarding infectious disease (other then rabies). You are able to immediately take your puppy or dog with you or introduce it to any other pet in your home.

buttonLeash Training

All puppies should be trained to walk nicely on a leash. We believe that this makes your new puppy or dog a welcome member to your family. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to walk a new puppy and have them balk. Our


After their second series of DHLPP/CB puppies should be taken out to local parks and other areas to expose them to a diversity of sounds, smells, people and other animals. Not only does this assure you of a puppy or dog that is familiar with riding in a car, it also allows you to take your new aquisition out without concerning yourself that the puppy may not be approachable or dog aggressive.

buttonCrate and Housebreaking

All puppies should be started on crate and housetraining practices. Even in the kennel we use a small area of sod roll to teach them to soil in only one area. Inside the puppies should be, unsupervised in crates/ex-pen area, supervised attached to a human by a leash. While very young puppies are not guaranteed to be housebroken, when released to clients, they have a head start and understand the procedure.


Of course, reputable breeders guarantee that all Breed and Show Quality puppies/dogs will Hip and Elbow certify, against genetic problems, provided they are raised according to a proper schedule and maintenance program. Also, make sure your contract says that the breeder WILL TAKE BACK the puppy/dog at, at any age, for any reason...and not "Breeder has first right of refusal", or breeder has the option, or any such wording....a reputable breeder not only WANTS the puppies they breed to come home, but insists on should you.

Be aware that a pet quality puppy will be quaranteed differently - why? Because a pet will not be part of any breeding program, probably will not be a working animal and is a pet quality because it deviates significantly from the standard...does this mean it's unworthy as a GSD? Not as a family member, to love, to protect, to be a part and parcel of your household.

If you have any further problems, such as the page loading slowly , please continue to e-mail me with information, all of the great ideas, suggestions for improvements, links and visits have gone a long way in improving this site. Again, Thank you, to all the contributors and future contributors, and to all the new friends and future friends this site has brought me.

Hopefully you will find, in the near future, a site which is easy to navigate and gives you good breed information. Also, one that you will care to bookmark and return to again and again.



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