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ADDY Family Bible - wanted
Sept. 18 1999
ettyAnn von Wallmenich

The Addy family Bible was last known to be in the possession of Robert L. Stephan of Lafayette, IN or his mother, Anita Valentine Stephan Addy, my grandfather's second wife. When my grandfather died in 1980 the Bible was packed with the rest of his belongings and taken to Lafayette. Mr. Stephan owned a men's clothing store at 4th and Main Streets in Lafayette and has a daughter Ruth Ann and a son Marti who may still live in the Lafayette area. He has never answered any of our letters requesting the return of our Bible. If anyone knows the Stephan family or the whereabouts of the Addy-Farr-Harbourne family Bible, I would appreciate your help. Thank you, BettyAnn von Wallmenich

ESCHBACH Family Bible - wanted
Sept. 18 1999
Barbara Kelly

If anyone has any information or a bible on the Eschbach family of Pa. Also of Germany. The name could have originally been Eschenbach from Hamburg. There is John, Bill, Joe and Charlie all brothers. Father was John Eschbach and mother was Helen Young of Altoona,Pa. Anything would be a great help. Please email

BROWN Family Bible - found
Sept. 18 1999

Several years ago I purchased a Bible in a Goodwill Store in Appleton, Wisconsin, still in the box. I would like to give it back to the family. The names in the Bible are as follows: Stanley James Brown, b. 1902 Empire, Fond du Lac, WI, wife, Mary Margaret Klasen, b. 1910, Brothertown, Calumet, WI. Children: James Stanley Brown and Mary Kathrine Brown, both born in Fon du Lac, WI. If anyone knows these people, please forward my email address to them. I am still searching for my roots and would have appreciated if we had had a family Bible.

PRESLEY Family Bible - wanted
Sept. 18 1999
Edith Bastin

I'm searching for the Bibles of OLLIE MAY PRESLEY (1896-1966) and ISAAC MARTIN PRESLEY (1888-1971). They lived in Kentucky. Each Bible has the name on the cover and in the detailed family registery. If found, please email me at Thanks!

Gillespie Family Bible - wanted
July 14, 1999
Robert Gillespie

The Bible contains information about Charles Gillespie, born on April 1, 1826 and his family. It was last seen many years ago in Schuylkill Co., PA. I would like to purchase it or at least personally examine it.

PRESLEY Family Bible - wanted -
Edith Bastin
15 Aug 99

Searching for Bibles of my Parents, OLLIE MAY PRESLEY and ISAAC MARTIN PRESLEY, possibly lost in Louisville, KY. Names on covers and in family registeries.

Ake / Moody Family Bible - wanted -
Paulette Williams
21 June 99

I am looking for a bible that was lost when my Great Great Grandfather passed away. He died December 23,1 927 in Mesa, Arizona. He was staying at the home of an H. Cruse and and he had the family bible with him. His name was Felix Grundy Ake. Ake and Moody would have been the prominent surnames. Finding this bible would mean a great deal to me.

Kohn, Applegate, Metz or Metze, and Tyson Family Bible - found -
20 June 99

In my posession: Leather bound family bible....Names Kohn, Applegate, Metz or Metze, and Tyson. Found in my father's home at his death, probably purchased by my mother in Montgomery county, PA. at an auction or estate sale prior to 1963. Earliest entry dates are 1800's.

Marriage: Anna Kohn to Charles W. Applegate
          Lizzie Kohn to Joseph Metz
          Frank Kohn to Emma S.
          Mary Kohn to Edward S. Tyson
Will be happy to see it returned to family members. Please contact me at my E-mail address if you have any interest or know of a contact.

Hyslop Family Bible - wanted -
Betty H. Culp

I am looking for a Bible which belonged to the Hyslop family of Buffalo, or Hamburgh, N. Y.

Rider Family Bible - found -
Dallas C. Lane

My father-in-law found a Rider family Bible in the crawl space of the house he rented in Anchorage, AK. Names mentioned include Howard Lewis Rider of Glen, NY (b. 1865) and his wife Mary Della. Their son Bruce P. Rider (b. 1895) drowned in the Talkeetna River in Anchorage in 1925. Other surnames mentioned include Smith and Keller. We would be more than happy to send this Bible to a Rider descendant.

ROY, ROYER, SILVER, VESTEL Family Bible - wanted -
Corrine ST. JOHN
13364 Borden Ave.
Sylmar, CA 91342
January 23, 1999

These families originated in the KY/MO area; migrated to northern OR. The bible was believed to have been brought to the Sacramento area. Would love to see it; have copies of info. Thanks!

HARRIS Family Bible - wanted -
Craig Harris
P.O. Box 1765
Fargo North Dakota 58107
December 15, 1998

I'm trying to locate the Harris Family Bible that was given to the North Dakota State University by my father between 1952-1955. I have checked with the library and they say they do not have, accept Family Bibles. Names that would be listed would be Nathan, Emerson, Jackson, Eleanor, etc. Main places would be Wisconson and Canada. I hope that someone has found this on some dusty shelf.

HAWKS, HAWKES Bible - wanted -
Ginny Buechele
November 24, 1998

Seeking information on the whereabouts of the Family Bible belonging to Jotham Hawks b. 1764 Westchester County, d. 1851 Colchester, Delaware County, New York. According to the Rev. War Pension Papers for JOTHAM the Family Bible was in the possession of his son DANIEL HAWKS (b. June 10, 1809 d. April 13, 1879 m. abt. 1835 Sarah M. Hamilton - Sarah was married first to ? Ackerly) at the time of his fathers death. I will answer all replies and am willing to share information.
Ginny Buechele -

November 14, 1998

Seeking information from any bibles that may be out there which contain these surnames. They started out in Ontario, Canada but some migrated south and others west throught Canada.

G W LINN Bible - wanted -
Melanie Young
November 11, 1998

This is a quote from George William (Wilhelm) Linn's obituary: "He was the possessor of a German bible printed in 1534, which came down to him from his grand-father."

Since George William Linn's parentage is in question, I was hoping the bible may contain genealogical information that would clear up the mystery. Any help would be appreciated.

CRAWFORD Family Bible - found -
Julie Collins
October 23, 1998

I have in my possession a family bible. The inscriptions state: Charlie R. Crawford was born May 19, 1884 and died December, 1961. Odessa Whisman Crawford, his wife, was born Dec. 10, 1881, and died August, 1940. Stanley Whisman Crawford, born Feb.3, 1907. Charlie R. Crawford and Odessa Whisman married Aug. 31, 1905.

Stanley was their son and he died in San Francisco,Ca.,(perhaps in the 1970's). It is my hope that someone of their descendancy would want to have this bible, as it has so much history connected to it. I believe that Odessa was from Palisades, Nebraska, and brought the bible with her to California. Is there any evidence of this family in Nebraska or in the census for 1920? I believe that Stanley may have been the only child, but I'm not certain. If you have any interest in this information, and would like to be the facilitator in finding it a good home, please e-mail me directly at Sincerely, Julie Collins

JONES Family Bible - wanted -
Laurie Wright
October 20, 1998

The bible I am interested in would include the descendants of William COLEMAN [born in New Jersey in 1793 / died 7 May 1873 in Troy, Ontario] and his wife Catherine JONES [daughter of Andrew Jones and Mary Slough / born 1800 location unknown / died 13 Nov 1860, in Troy, Ontario]. They have at least one son, Daniel.

I believe the bible was in the possession of a Katherine Jones from Welland, Ontario, but have been unable to locate her. Any help would be appreciated.

BROPHY Family Bible - wanted -
Debbie Nixon
May 16, 1998

My name is Debbie Nixon. I have been searching for my Family Bible for some time now. If anyone forwards you any information on it, could you please contact me? It would mean so much to me and my family.

DESCRIPTION: Brophy Family Bible
Started in (late?) 1800's by Rose McGinnis. She traveled from Ireland to the US several times before settling down here and marrying a Brophy. The book has info on her journeys, family, and additional info. It is about the size of a telephone book and is a reddish color.

It was lost through second marriages, etc. Last known to be in the possesion of a Gertrude Brophy, who was a second wife. Possibly went to her son, Paul (last name not known), an Antique Collector from the S.Jersey/Philadelphia area.

CHRISP Bible Collection - wanted -
whereabouts sought by:
Roger Fullilove
May 16 1998

Frederick Arthur Chrisp was an eminant genealogist who died in 1921. He collected family bibles and published details from their fly sheets in a privately printed series of books called Fragmenta Genealogica. After his death his collection was auctioned at Sotherby's. Do you have any information on the whereabouts of his collection of bibles and flysheets today. One was a 1599 Christopher Barker with details of family Fullilove 1600-1859. Any guidance warmly welcomed. Roger Fullilove

EWER Family Bible - wanted -

Last known whereabouts in Victoria, BC, Canada and may contain England and Ontario entries. After the death if the family member who owned this bible, it was last known to have been sold from a second hand book store in Victoria, BC. It is now sought by Shirley Anderson who would like to purchase the bible or copies of the entries.

HILL / LEE Bible - wanted -
by Barbara Simpson of Arizona
Mon Mar 09, 1998

I have ancestors that came from Lanark County Ontario. In your bibles do you any for the Thomas Hill family? his wife was fanny lee, so they may also be one for the LEE family. They lived in Perth / Bathurst. I only have the childred baptism certificate from St. John's Catholic Church.

NICOL Family Bible - wanted -
Sat Mar 14 1998
Al and Pat Nicol
Langley B.C.

Family bible reg no.-G 601-167. Date-17th. June 1947. Where would this bible be registered?

My grandfather, Thomas Alexander Nicol--Born in County Frontenac Ontario, Canada.
As for the off chance that my Grandfather did do something about setting up such a document, here is some more information about him. He had four children my Father, who was the oldest, was born in Vancouver in May of 1908. All are now deceased. My Grandfather, Thomas Alexander Nicol, Died in Vancouver on the 29th. of Nov. 1953. His father was born in Scotland. Al Nicol.

PARMINTER Family Bible - wanted -
Linda Howard Fisher
Rt. 2 Box 2251
Murchison, TX 75778

I am looking for the Bible of Henry Fonit PARMENTER and wife, Emily Hannah (Amy) WALDRON. The Bible's first page says it was printed in New York--Collins and Co. 1821. It contains the following surnames- Parmenter, Stokes, Lewis, Sikes, Rowe, and Waldron. The last known holder of this Bible during the 1970's or 1980's, was Mrs. Magdalene Ritch ESPY, wife of Thomas Settle ESPY. The Bible was handed down to Magdalene by her great-aunt Kizzie Norman PARMENTER, wife of James Leuders PARMENTER (my great grandfather) The ESPY's lived in Jacksonville, FL. Both ESPY's died in 1987 leaving daughter, Sara L. BOOE and Thomas's sister, Thelma ESPY. Sara had two children, probably born in the 1950's, Thomas and China BOOE. I have tried to locate Sara or her children, but have been unsucessful. If anyone knows where the whereabouts of this Bible, please contact me.

PARSHAL Book - found -
Submitted February 4, 1998 by:
Toni Harper

This isn't about a Bible but something that to someone else may be just as important as finding the family bible. I recently happened upon a book called PARSHALL. It is a family book in full detail: family trees, family pictures, family info, and much more. It was written by Frank Nellis and Homer Leroy Parshall and dates the family from AD976 to 1968. The book was published in 1968 and it is hand signed by Frank and Homer. The one I have is #35 of only 400 printed and I would love to be able to pass this on to a family member. By the way would you beleive that I paid a whopping .50 for this great book.

Some of the many surnames in this book are: Patterson, Parshall, Pershall, Nellis, Nelson, Lauderbach, Johnson, Herrick, Klock, Erickson. These are just a few I pull from the index and I would be glad to give a little more info on this great book of PARSHALLs.

[First page :]

Part 1: Ancestors A.D.896-1815
Part 2: Descendants A.D. 1815-1968
By Frank Nellis Parchall & Homer Leroy

WALKER Family Bible - found -
Dec 10, 1997
Joan Patterson
Technical Services Director
Cd'A Stake Family History Center

Found in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, family History Center......130yr. old Bible acquired by someone at Monroe Auction, Buhl, Idaho, 8 June 1984 and apparently brought to Center years ago in hopes someone could trace "owner". On the front page is written "Mr. B.K. Walker California United States of America"....Bible was published by the New York Bible Society in 1868. One of the twelve old photographs is of a small child, and on the back is written "Elmer Hudson 7months 18days born Feb. 14th 1894". We are hoping to find the relatives of either of these two people, and give them to him/her/them. I can be contacted at address above. Sincerely, Joan Patterson.

I have since found that there are indeed other names in the Bible. It is in such poor condition I hesitated to go through the pages. This is so precious I hope we can locate the family!
[See WALKER.tba in the file for the rest of the entries of the Walker Family Bible.]

ZONDLER Family Bible - wanted -
Virginia Pflum
Tue Mar 24 1998

Gustav Adolf Zondler Family Bible
b. 11 Feb. 1875 in Wangen, Wurttemburg, Germany
wife: Karoline Pauline Seyboldt
b. 22 Feb. 1878 in Ludwigsburg, Wuerttembery, Germany
Children: Otto Zondler
Emma Anna Zondler
Bertha Johanna Zondler (Rist)

This bible has a black leather cover with Germany text. The family came to American in 1909 and settled on a farm near Orlando, Noble County, Oklahoma. The bible was in the home of Emma Anna Zondler on this farm till her death in 1971. The Zondler family had a public sale (late spring of 1971) of antiques, farm machinery and cattle. After the sale, the family did not find the bible again. It may have been misplaced in a box and sold. I would love to purchase the bible of my family. Or would be glad to pay a reward to get it again. Virginia Pflum,


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