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My name is David, also known as "Lightkeeper" and "DoitToit",
I am a computer programmer. I have been in data processing since 1962.
I enjoy working on our web pages and helping our friends with theirs.

My name is Rose, also known as "Sealights",
I've really been into the Net since I started doing genealogy.
I also like to do crafts of all kind. David and I have been married since October 1983.
Between us we have four children, six grand-children and 'C.B.'.

My name is 'C.B.'
I'm the one that has to take care of my folks, guard the house against cats (ugh yuck!).
I'm also my Pappaw's precious and my Mammaw's lil' darlin.
**'CB' passed away on November 14, 1999 at 8:15 AM. Gone from this earth but never gone from our hearts!**


This is a list the surnames we are researching. If you see a name you would like to know more about; you can follow our Genealogy links below, you can e-mail Rose by clicking on "Rose's mailbox", or you can e-mail David by clicking on "David's mailbox". Sorry, C.B. doesn't have a mailbox..Yet!

Rose's side of the family:



David's side of the family:



States we are researching in:



Country we are reseaching in:

Nova Scotia, Canada..(Maddex, Graves, and Sprague)

Please come back and look us over from time to time. You are always welcome in our home.

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