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Hi! My name is Dee (aka)Kees4Me/KeesR4Me/ECom2000.

I have been meaning to update this page and now I am.

Let me tell ya a little about myself. I'm a married mother of 2. A 19 yr old daughter and 15 yr old son. I'm now also proud to announce 4 month old Cheyenne Nicole!! My first grandchild!!

As for the type of work I do...I operate 2 businesses out of my home.

NuMillenium Technology is one I operate as an Independent Technical Consultant for HandTech.com which is a computer/technology sales & service company based in Austin, TX. HandTech offers anyone familiar with computers & the desire to work from their own home a chance to start their own business. I truly enjoy operating my own business from my own home. I am almost always, in one way or another, helping someone solve problems with their computers, software, etc. and now I get paid for it. The best part of my business is being able to help others make the right choices for themselves and/or their families, learn more about their computers and the technology available to them. This world is an ever changing place right now and I personally don't look for things to slow down for quite sometime which will keep me busy. I get an immense sense of satisfaction in helping others so I couldn't be happier that I've been blessed with this opportunity. That's just the way I look at it too.....a true blessing.!!

I also operate a business called "All4Kids Child Support Enforcement" where I work with custodial parents that are dealing with "deadbeat" ex-spouses & help them get the child support that was ordered by the court to be paid to the custodial parent. I have a personal interest in my field since I at one time had a "deadbeat" to deal with. I personally know the pain & suffering that the custodial parent and the children endure. It is very hard and painful to have to tell your child "no" they can't have new shoes, clothes, even medical care sometimes, muchless any toys or something to bring a smile to their face(s) just because the "ex" doesn't want to pay their support. Not to mention how the child(ren) feel - embarassed, inferior, lower class, etc. when everyone else has new school clothes, shoes, toys, and such and they have to settle for used or none at all only because the non-custodial parent has decided that they are no longer going to help support the child(ren) that they helped bring into this world.

Now... On a lighter note :) Keeshonden, computing, and just about any outdoors activities one could think of are what I like to do in my spare time, but to be quite honest it's mostly Keeshond & computing : D You can find me chatting on StarLink in the #Keeshond channel or sometimes on Starlink-IRC in various channels like #crittercat, #Just4Fun, or #GiftofGab :) There are many great ppl in all of these channels!!

Smokey is my little fuzzie Keeshond (correctly pronounced kay'zund(en) : ) She's 8 years old and an absolute love. Keeshonden are such a wonderful breed since they are very people oriented. They are not a breed to be stuck out in the yard away from the family. They will not do well in that sort of environment. Please take the time to check out the links below and find out more about this fantastic breed.


It's A New Fuzzy Baby Boy!!! This is Luke at 3 months old :)

Meet Luke with his foster sister and her little one : )

Reaching for the stars is great but I like chewing on them better!!

I like sharing toys with my buddies at foster Mommy Kris's house!!

This is Luke at 7 months old :)

My Mommy says this a great shot of my gorgous little face :) (what can I say......she loves me!)

I like playing with Simbah cause he's cool!! :)

Simbah's so big I have to get on the couch to look him in the eye!! :D


Smokey's Cyber Debut!!! This is Smokey at 7 years old and *very* camera shy!!:)

What a great tree and it's mine! All mine! This is my favorite place to lay when I'm outside protecting MY yard!! :D

Why do you guys insist on pointing that "thing" at me?!?! You know I don't like it :/

You know.....if you don't quit that you're gonna give me a complex :/

Go ahead.....lay that flashing thing down....if you're brave!! >:)

Please come back soon and visit me as I am working at getting more pictures to put up for your enjoyment : ) See ya!!

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