We don't know if this is correct Italian but it sounds good anyway. This website gives you an impression of the way Hille and Frank spend most of their spare time. We are two guys from the Netherlands who got hit by the alfa virus a couple of years ago.

Within a couple of years the thing that started out as a hobby has gone completely out of control. We now own a 1974 Giulia GTJunior 1600, a 1982 GTV6 (as shown) and a couple of GTV6's that are either damaged or waiting to be repaired (the 1984 Giulietta 1.6 was sold in december 1999, update on Giulietta page!) and there's probably more to follow. It's been a while since we updated our page but we've been very busy fixing our Junior (grande maccamente di motore). We finally found a replacement engine and it was mounted into the car a couple of weeks ago (07-11-2001). It running again so we can focus our attention on our GTV6, which is in urgent need of some tender lovin' care. We'll keep you posted!

We were very lucky to find a very nice location for our cars. The barn, as shown on the picture, is fully equiped and has a walking alfa maintenance manual as a resident (thanks Eric).

Above you can find some pictures we took during the overhaul of our Bertone engine. On these pictures we are trying very hard to look like we know what we are doing. But we must admit that Eric (shown below) contributed in a large way to the succes of the overhaul.

La Squadra Rossonero Story Continues Here!

Our Cars Alfa Activities Miscellaneous
Take a look at some of our engine overhaul pictures (Problems solved! Our Beautiful Junior runs again!). Ricambi Originali Movers Inc. Some of the other 'alfisti' that visit our barn
Just like the one James Bond stole in Octopussy (incl. GTV6 roadtest) Trip to Rome (includes alfa stuff) Miscellaneous (new Alfa Spider?, 156 GTA!!!, Scudetto etc.)
No, this Giulietta is not beyond salvation I'm not the marrying kind

Other favourite Cars!

What ever happened to that red GTV6 (that Jurgen took to Arese) Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa's for sale! (Giulietta Turbodelta, GTV6)
When a GTV6 crashes into a Panda United States of Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Advertisements
Our Daily Drive Alfa's in London's Science Museum   

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Here you can find one of our favorite Alfa Romeo qoutes, by Pat Braden in his Alfa Romeo Owner’s Bible:

"The Italian Tune-Up is No Myth

You’ve sunk your next five years’ paychecks into this sweet Italian beauty and you’re not going to abuse it, by golly. You shift at 2500 rpm and never go over 70 mph. To prove your point, the car needs tuning so often now that if you really put your foot into it you’re sure something would explode. That’s Italian cars for you.

Somewhere, right now in Italy, someone’s driving exactly the same car as yours. His right foot is pressed firmly to the floor, where it has been for the last three hours. The rubber on the brake pedal shows no perceptible wear. The speedometer and tachometer are both trying to bury themselves offscale. His arms are weary from cranking the wheel back and forth as he negotiates the mountain roads. His eyes gleam and his heart is glad for he has never once had cause to do more than regular maintenance to his thoroughbred of a car that has uncounted kilometers on its engine. He’s right and you’re wrong!"

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We already had 4100 visitors since march 1999 but our old counter died!

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