NOTICE: As GEOCITIES is sadly closing down, this website will need to move from it's home, as much as the subjects have over the years. Go to, which is Gable's new site. There you will find very informative knowledge all about Raccoons. For Otters, go to
........BTW, Ben, Theresa, Thomas, and their human are still around, I haven't had much chance to get them updated here. Hopefully someday I can bring everybody up to date.
I thank "Yahoo!" for keeping Geocites up as it has over the years, and I thank YOU visitors to this site who have come here to share in my guys.
Nothing else here, including the linkspage, has been changed for over a year..Many of the websites have already vanished, without a working link, so I'll soon brush away the dead-ended nostalgia, unless Yahoo beats me to the punch.
I wish this outcome had been better, but it's been a fun ride.

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This web site is created in memory of Martha Ann (1981-1997), and all other "woollies" of her
time and before, and is dedicated to those who are here today and tomorrow.

Martha Ann


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This site is finally back under construction 12-23-99.

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Here is a webring for many kinds of animals!

Cougar RingCougar Ring This Amazing Cougar Ring site owned by Raccoonotter.

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Wild Animals of the World Ring Wild Animals of the World RingThis Wild Animals of the World site owned by Raccoonotter.

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