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The Using of Real-Time Operating System on M68HC11 MicroController


Shadow11 v1.50
The Art of Debugging M68HC11

Features include:

  • Delphi/C++ Builder-style code editor with color syntax highlighting
  • Built in HC11 disassembler, S19 to BIN Converter
  • Support ASM11 (FREEWARE HC11 Assembler), ASM05 and ASM08 (Assembly only) NEW, ImageCraft C Compiler debug file, P&E Map debug file
  • F12 to go to the next error/warning source line
  • Debug:
    • Trace Into, Step Over, Step Out, Run to Cursor, Run Freely to Cursor, Run Freely to Cycle, Skip to Cursor, Run, Program Pause, Program Reset, Branch Opposite
    • Register: Display and Modify
    • Memory: Display and Modify
    • Breakpoint: Unlimited number of breakpoints
    • Counter: Unlimited number of counters
    • Watch (EM11 & PE Map format), Array: Byte (Hex, Bin, Dec, Char), Word (Hex, Bin, Dec), Pointer to Byte (Hex, Bin, Dec, Char), Pointer to Word (Hex, Bin, Dec), Pointer to String, String
    • Watch (ICC format), Char, Short, Integer, Pointer
    • Misc: ASCII chart, Reset Cycle, Reset Time, Reset Cycle and Time
  • SubSystems Simulator: SCI [TX & RX], Real-Time Interrupt, Timer, XIRQ, Output Compare, PortA, Pulse Accumulator, Input Capture, IRQ
  • Misc: Stack valid range checking, accessing to undefine memory checking, support first 64 E-clock
  • Works under Windows 95/98, 2000 advance server

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Demo v1.42 (1.2M)

v1.41 Help file (190k)


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