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-the tease-
i have mountains of bullshit i've written, but you won't find most of it here, God knows how what made it here made it here, but here it is in part

Aloha, I am known as Funkmeistergoo...call me goo

grab your beanbag chair or pull up some shag

let's clear up that coagulated mind of yours

Does your life seem stranger than it should be?

Does every day get weirder?

Then you are in the right place!

This is where we blow out the carbs and sweep away the brains cobwebs!

Goo's Wisdom for The Foolhardy
(or) the usual lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate occurances.......

updated bi-monthly

Home of The Never-ending Rant Fantabulous

updated weekly

Real Audio Poetry Readings
Via The Reading Mind of The Mystic Fool

hundreds of minutes

Got a monkey in your head? Have an epiphany? Drug induced rant?
Wanna bitch? Feel like writing a cheesy poem? Like telling lies and calling it fiction?

Here is where you write anything that is on your mind!

Spidery Music Presents...

The Nothing Special Wailing Wall

Very Important Information!

The Logic of Christianity: A Madmans Conversation

Crazed Madness: 2 Writers Experiment/Collaborate

Never pay for food again? How?

Truly worthless facts and nonsuch!

Could your pet really be an alien?


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before its too late!

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