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The VZones/Worlds Away Members Webring is an easily navigable link up of some VZones/Worlds Away related sites on the World Wide Web. Each site is linked to the next. No matter where you start you will eventually be able to make your way around all the sites and end up back at the beginning. If you are just visiting, and do not want to add a site to this ring, you can navigate through the ring by using the control strip at the bottom of this page, because this site is a ring member too!

This webring is created by VZones/Worlds Away members, for members and is not produced by or associated with Avaterra. All references to VZones/Worlds Away refer to VZones/Worlds Away virtual worlds. For more information on VZones/Worlds Away please visit the official website. The webring includes sites made by members from Dreamscape, VZones and Queery Universe.

This webring consists of sites which may be of interest to VZones/Worlds Away members, member sites will range from personal homepages to help pages written by members for other members. The use of the Webring is basically just a way of aiding navigation through a group of pages which have a common theme.

The WorldsAway Members Webring uses code which automatically updates the location of the next or previous page in the ring. It also allows a user to get a list of the next 5 sites in the loop. Ring Members will not have to change their code to reflect changes in the webring's make-up. Prospective members need to add the Worlds Away Webring HTML code fragment and graphics when they join the webring queue.

This ring hopes to take you to some interesting sites made by members of WorldsAway. Please do sign the WorldsAway Members Webring Guestbook and let us know that you have visited.


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Members Information Page: Editing your site information & FAQ - Please have a look here if you have a question, you never know, it might be answered! If it isn't then please mail me and I will try to answer it.

Members List - Once you have submitted your site to join the webring, please check here to see if your listing is correct. If I have listed you incorrectly please send me an e-mail.

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