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Please Boycott Journey's End Resort & GoGo Travel

Update - 07/22/1998!

Although Journey's End Resort never responded to our BBB complaint nor my letter to them, they have threatened to sue us over this web site!  Perhaps I will post their lawyer's letter here later.  We are contacting our own attorneys now.  I wish they would have called to try to resolve the customer service complaint rather than sue, but maybe that's today's society: I had to post this web site to get a response and they respond via a lawyer.  Alas.

The Story

My wife and I had the misfortune of paying for a honeymoon at Journey's End Resort up-front based solely on the brochures and from hearing (from a guide-book) it was featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.   Yeah, right.  One book even said it had a casino - not that we wanted one, but we figured any resort large enough to have a casino must be pretty nice.  The reality: Journey's End Resort in Belize was a run-down, garbage-strewn, deserted wreck.  If we hadn't been on our honeymoon it would almost be funny (Robin Williams did a movie comedy about a place like Journey's End Resort), but it was not funny in the least.  We feel that Journey's End Resort in Belize took our money and did not give us what we were promised!  Journey's End Resort promised a "Honeymoon Special" - and we felt scammed.  We did not even stay there beyond the first night (we only stayed the one night due to lack of transportation) and they kept our $2,500!   We paid to stay in a Hotel in Belize City the second night, sine we could not fly out until the third day.

Journey's End Resort in Belize: Not A Resort,  But Near Good Diving

I have stayed in some pretty bad places while back-packing through Eastern Europe & the back areas of China, but when you go to a Resort  that bills itself as a luxury destination and you see dump trucks dumping garbage within a couple hundred feet of your room - thats different.  The showers weren't even fresh water: taking a salt-water shower wasn't exactly advertised.   The rumours of a casino turned out to be false.  The on-site manager said that one of the buildings had a slot machine once, but it broke years ago. 

Please, spread the word about Belize's Journey's End Resort.  AT&T Universal Visa would not give our money back and the Better Business Bureau can only take our complaint (neither Journey's End Resort nor its company in Houston would respond to the BBB).  Its up to you

Doubt our story?  We took pictures of Journey's End Resort to prove our case, check them out.  The Journey's End Resort web page has promises - we have pictures.  Make your own decision - maybe its better now, maybe its not.  If you really want to make my day, send Journey's End Resort (in Houston or Belize) a letter tell them you were going to go there, but decided not to based upon my experience.  It would be the only happy memory from this.  See our letter for their address.

You can see why we think Journey's End Resort was a dump:

pit2.jpg (23532 bytes)

This is the garbage pit that was right in the middle of the "resort".  The room was supposed to be in the building just behind it (and on the left).

Please see our letter to the manager of Journey's End Resort.  We never received a reply, nor did the Better Business Bureau of Houston.

Please check out some more of our pictures of what we call a dump but they call Journey's End Resort.  The pictures may be slow to download, but I wanted everyone to see in full, detailed color how bad it really was. 

We ended up leaving Belize on the very next available flight to come home to Seattle.  By a stroke of luck we were able to get a decent fare to Maui and recovered some of our honeymoon: but we are still out the $2,500.  If you are a serious diver, and don't mind "roughing it" conditions, then Journey's End Resort may be for you.  Just don't expect fresh water showers, clean beaches, or boats / equipment in good condition.  For heaven's sake, we don't think you should go for your honeymoon.  

Tour Journey's End Resort in Belize without leaving your keyboard!  Just follow these links:

The Room

The Grounds

The Beach

Hey, we started out happy!  Check out our engagement photo.  This is a picture of us before the "B" word and Journey's End Resort entered our lives.   Really, its not Belize we are mad at: its Journey's End Resort and Mike Wendling in Houston as well as GoGo Travel.  We now go for days on end without worrying about our honeymoon disaster, but that money we lost sure could come in handy for our new baby on the way!

Don't Get Me Wrong

Belize is a beautiful country with magnificent ruins and friendly people. Journey's End Resort is near some of the greatest diving in the world.  We plan on going back to Belize to visit the ruins ourselves.  My point: don't go to Journey's End Resort expecting a nice resort, and (if you please as a favor) don't go there period just because of their lack of concern for customer service.  If they didn't give me a refund even though we considered it bad enough to leave, what happens if you have a problem?  How can you know if they will come through for you?  We found that the "Nordstrom" concept of customer service hasn't exactly infected the managment of Journey's End Resort. 

And who knows?  Maybe its gotten better since we left (maybe the construction we saw is complete)... but we feel that we have the right to tell our tale (threats of lawsuits notwithstanding).

Either way, all you Belize lovers enjoy!

I'm just glad to tell my tale.



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