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I will add lots of links also. Go and download it! I am also going to make a Flight Simulator 98 Page. If you have any planes that you want on my page or panels etc... please click here to mail them to me and I will put your thing on my page. I have a new page called "Microsoft Flight Simulator Page." It will contain lots of stuff about Microsoft Flight Simulator games, mostly on MS98.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Section

Welcome to my new section for my web page. This will contain lots of MS 98 planes, panels, etc... I hope you enjoy it. Please leave me comments and suggestions by clicking here. Please visit the links below for some great stuff!!

Helicopter Page

Airplanes Page

MS 98 Keys


Links to come: Panels, sceneries and more!



Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 converter


Click here to Download MS98 converter

Click here to Download MS95 converter


The Flight Shop Converter for Flight Simulator converts aircraft and adventures created with BAO Flight Shop into a format compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. You should run this converter on all Flight Shop aircraft or adventures created for previous versions of Flight Simulator.



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Epimetheus Homepage

Dark Rider's Realm

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