The latest hints & tips to beat the toughest GDI levels!

Need help? Got conquerer's block? GDI Intelligence has your number, and is working on helpful information to help you win the toughest GDI levels and beat NOD into submission!

GDI Intelligence is currently going a massive overhaul. Expect links and pictures to be unavailable for several weeks.

You are number to access GDI intelligence.

In addition, GDI Intelligence has provided you with up-to-date info on all of GDI's combat units. You'll find out all there is to know about GDI's armaments at the Global Defense Initiative Armory

The Top 10 Reasons GDI is better all around than NOD!

Need to find another player to play multiplayer with? Check out our C&C Multiplayer Arena board for new opponents!

Be sure to check out the latest GDI Intelligence modifications and upgrades at the GDI Intelligence News Stand !

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