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An Overview of the Aresian Crown War College

This site is meant to be both a repository for the staff of the Aresian Crown War College and to also dissiminate information from various exercises and simulations to help those with an intrest to improve their tactical and strategic skills.  To these purposes ACWaC was founded in March of 1998 and hopes to continue this fine tradition far into the future. For now there are our own home rules for a mecha combat game based on the Full Thrust starship combat game that we call Full Throttle. Our conversions for Babylon 5 and Star Wars fighters for Silent Death: The Next Millenium can be found in the Nelson Shipyards. And a listing of free wargames and role playing games on the net can be found on the Free Mars page. Coming soon we hope to add Jack's All the Galaxy's Fighting Mechs a listing of mechs converted to Full Throttle, Aresian Thrust where we will detail the glorious Aresian Crown Navy in Full Thrust as well as rules for fighter construction and the Aresiaplex where you can purchase movies online and also get our recomendations for film to study for tactical and strategic considerations (not to mention pure enteratinment value).

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