Bekra's Heraldry Shop

As you open the door, a tinkling bell brings Vaddyn Bekra from the rear of the shop. You see a pleasant looking half-elf, with dark brown hair & smiling, brown eyes. "Welcome to my Heraldry Shop, my name is Vaddyn Bekra, Proprietor" he says as he extends his hand to you. "Feel free to look around at my numerous Heraldry Plaques gathered from all the corners of Oerth. Make sure you take a look around our wonderful town of Chatwin. You won't be disappointed! There are many other shops, homes & establishments here. Our remarkable town is booming".

Just click on the file name to view the picture. You can save each one individually or download all in zipped format. Please note that the Heraldry of Greyhawk from "A Guide to the World of Greyhawk" & from "From the Ashes" is the copyright of TSR, Inc. and is being provided without permission for individual viewing & use only. Click here to view the whole collection, please be patient - it takes a while to load the complete page!

World of Greyhawk - Boxed Set 1983 - in zipped format.

Knights of the Hart (Furyondy), Knights of the Hart (High Forest), Knights of the Hart (Veluna), Knights of the Watch, Tenser the Mage, Sir Robilar, City of Dyvers, City of Greyhawk, City of Irongate, City of Rel Astra, City of Rel Mord, City of Verbobonc, Town of Highfolk, Radigast City, The Great Kingdom, Kingdom of Furyondy, Kingdom of Keoland, Kingdom of Nyrond, Fief of Allissa, Prelacy of Almor, Blackmoor, Bone March, Gran March, March of Bissel, Celene, County of Sunndi, County of Ulek, Duchy of Ulek, Principality of Ulek, County of Urnst, Duchy of Urnst, Duchy of Tenh, Caliphate of Ekbir, Grand Duchy of Geoff, Frost Barbarians, Ice Barbarians, Snow Barbarians, Hold of Stonefist, The Horned Society, Idee, Iuz, Ket, Lordship of the Isles, North Province, South Province, Onnwal, The Pale, Paynims, Perrenland, Ratik, Rovers of the Barrens, The Scarlet Brotherhood, Sea Barons, Sea Princes, See of Medegia, The Shield Lands, Spendrift Isles, Sterich, Tusmit, Ull, Valley of the Mage, Veluna, Tiger Nomads, Wolf Nomads, Yeomanry, Sultanate of Zeif, Goblins of the Pomarj, Hobgoblins of the Pomarj, Orcs of the Pomarj, Dimre (Bandit Kingdoms), Grosskopf (Bandit Kingdoms), Johrase (Bandit Kingdoms), Reyhu (Bandit Kingdoms), Rookroost (Bandit Kingdoms), Narwell (Wild Coast), Elredd (Wild Coast), Fax (Wild Coast), Safeton (Wild Coast).

From the Ashes - Boxed Set 1992 - in zipped format.

Dwarves of Greysmere, Dwarves of Dumadan, Dwarves of Karakast, The Hardby Marines, Lord Mastryne, Greyhawk Mountaineers, Karistyne the Paladin, Orcs of Harrgrek Kukulend, The Cockatrice Riders

Elf Clans of the Gnarley Forest: Clan Sherendyl, Clan Meldarin, Clan Faelefel, Clan Enlanefel

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