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Available here, for download are the complete zipped set of Greyhawk Heraldry/Shields from "A Guide to the World of Greyhawk", the 13 additional Heraldry/Shields from "From the Ashes", my collection of 27 Fantasy Fonts & Choose V 1.01 by Wayne Pafko with my modified definition files.

To view the World of Greyhawk Heraldry & From the Ashes (be patient, there are about 90 pictures!) or to view & download them individually, visit Bekra's Heraldry Shop . Bekra's Heraldry Shop is located in the town of Chatwin. My collection of Fantasy Fonts includes Runic, Elven, and Dwarven, Bajoran, Cardassian, plus many more. I use the fonts to make scrolls or to give information to the PC's & then charge them for a translation! It is so much more interesting. Choose is a small, fast DOS based program that allows you to generate random lists of magic items, potions, treasure or just about anything you can think of. You can also customize it. Enjoy! Many files & programs on the Internet are "zipped". You may need to download Winzip.

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This is my list of useful links for Greyhawk information, resources & DM programs. These are my personal favorites. Each one is worth a visit!
AD&D Character Sheets Here is a whole page of character sheets. One for everybody! Check out Harls' Home Page for lots of links & other information, too.
The Cave A RPG Top 5% Elite Award Winning Site. Excellent name generator, original programs & information.
The Codex of Greyhawk A Greyhawk must. Lots of original material, maps, history & The Player's Guide to Greyhawk.
The Council of Greyhawk The Oerth Journals & The Best of Greyhawk can be downloaded here. This page is a must if you adventure in Greyhawk.
Greyhawk Goodies This is a great site with much information, programs & links. The Greyhawk Primer is available here. I have visited this one often.
GNBA The Great Net Book Archive."The" source for Net Books.
Hoody's Underground Brotherhood The Scarlet Brotherhood awaits. Lots of links, programs & information. Check out all the "Brothers".
Irony Games Website Lots of on-line generators & other programs.
Jay Hafner's World of Greyhawk This site contains the Complete God List of Grayhwak, the Pantheon of Greyhawk , Jay Hafner's Campaign Rules (which are strictly canon & very good) & much more. This is a must see!
Ket Onwal's Greyhawk AdventuresA virtual trove of information here! take a look at the PBeM page :-)
The Magic Shop Here's a good page with lots of information, a Greyhawk calendar, Greyhawk holidays and a Greyhawk index. NetRPG An extensive site with lots and lots of links, programs, fonts & good information.
Nostradamus Vault And what a vault! Numerous links, programs & an archive.
Peta's AD&D in the World Tons of information & links here! This is a well laid out page.
Olik's Site A Fantasy Award winning site. Great site with lots of links, information, programs & more.
ProFantasy The makers of Campaign Cartographer 2. This is an excellent RPG mappling program. I'm hooked :-) Check out their site for some additional links as well.
RPG Information This is a nice page with some good links, a grid mapping program and music!
Shouit's Shadowlands This is a well done page, with links, poetry & a small archive. Check it out!
TSR's Home Page The only official AD&D site on the Internet Some out of print material is available for download.
Wanderer's Page Wow! This is an extensive site. Many links, original information, programs & more.
World of Greyhawk Contains many links to Greyhawk resources, information and programs. Another must see.
The World of Greyhawk Fan Club The name says it all! Lots of Greyhawk.

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In the body of the message include the words SUBSCRIBE GREYTALK. This mailing list is one of the best resources for a Greyhawk Campaign. The 'Official Keeper of the GreyTalk FAQ' is Phillip Rhodes.

Some on-line suppliers to get Greyhawk & other AD&D out of print material. * I have received excellent service from these suppliers.
Titan Games *
The Sage's Guild *
The Hit Pointe *
The Dragon's Trove *
Games Only Just found this one, haven't ordered yet.
Sleeping Dragon Hobbies Another "new find"!
Eric Pass*Eric's Page of Greyhawk items he has for sale. Eric has a good selection & provides excellent service.
Jim's Greyhawk Page *Lot's of useful, inexpensive Greyhawk items for sale here. Jim travels a lot & is kind enough to rescue items for us. Very reliable!

Dice drawn by Thom Nyh

On-Line Newsgroup auction/marketplace at But be careful, sometimes you end up paying more in an auction than you would have if you'd purchased through one of the Game Stores!

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