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Oi, Konnichi wa! Watashi no namea wa Junyi.

Trans: Hello there, I am Zhang He.

Welcome to my fan fiction library.

I'm surprised you made here. I'm kinda in the middle of reinventing this page. And one of the things that's changed is my name. No longer am I the warrior Sho Shinjo; now I am the graceful warrior known as Zhang He from the Chinese kingdom of Wei. For the time being, I am in the service of lord Cao Cao. ::looks away for a moment:: I must leave now. Xiahou Dun is asking me to join him in an upcoming battle against Shu. Oh, joy.

This site is where I will be housing my video game fan fictions. Let me say one thing, and then I'll tell you what projects I'm working on. I like crossover stories. I know some people who don't, but that's okay. I understand. Whether you are interested or not, my fan fictions will be crossovers. I'm planning on writing just a straight story with no crossovers, but it's just in the planning stage. If you have any suggestions for some fanfics, please.... send them my way. I'd be more than happy to hear them. In fact, I may even post your fanfics. Until then, I'm sticking to work on crossover fanfics.


Following the events of CTHD (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Shu Lien and Lo somehow find themselves in the early 2nd century, smackdab in the middle of an epic battle.

I have recently visited Crimson Night (haven't been there in a while), and I saw that it was completed not too long ago.

Congratulations on its successful completion Random.

He and I were going to collaborate on a crossover between Genjuro and Sho Shinjo but it ain't happenin'!

Well, that doesn't mean that my other crossovers aren't happening.

Written by Sho Shinjo.

Leaving Japan, Sho Shinjo continues travelling across the world. He journeys the continent known as Legendra. It is here he finds a country similar to Japan in Izumo. But he is captured by two ninja, who seek to assasinate the leader of Izumo. Sho quickly gains the loyalty of the ninja and it is Sho himself who faces off against Mikhal. He spares Mikhal's life, but brands the ruler out of Izumo, and the former warrior takes the throne.

Chapter One
Chapter Two

More to Come

Deadly Engagements
This fanfic came at the behest of myself and Random on a dare (he said it would be cool).

After leaving the continent of Legendra and being spared by Mikhal of Izumo, Sho Shinjo once again heads out on his own, perfecting his training where-ever it may lead. Unknown to him, he is being trailed by the powerful Ashram, Black Knight and ruler of Marmo, a land in the far-off country known as Lodoss. What does destiny hold for both the warrior and ruler?

I have recently been busy with my homepage in the nebula, and revising Past and Present in MSWord before I go on and publish it, but I am also working on another fanfic and now there are plans for a Toshinden fanfic which I will collaborate with Random. Both of us are currently in the talking phase for the mentioned Toshinden fanfic.

To make myself even busier (besides my social life and all), I am working a "Street Fighter Fan Fiction" called "Hell's Return". It's basically a Ryu/Evil Ryu fan fic that offers a possible way of how Evil Ryu came to be.

I'd like to thank Zombiemanga for creating the fanfic logo for me.

Prologue to Destiny
Chapter One
More to Come

In addition to these fighting game fanfics and an original novella, I'm also planning another crossover fanfic. I'm going to host it here. As I told you, I like crossover stories, so this next fan fic is a crossover. Sho isn't in this crossover fic.


Three sister witches, Piper, Prudence, and Pheobe Halliwell, have faced great evils in the past (namely warlocks, dark lighters, and demons). But nothing can prepare them for the ultimate evil ever imaginable.

These fanfics, which were concocked by yours truly have been accepted into the Video Game Fan Fiction Webring.

You never told me.... how exactly did you get here? You followed the link from my mirrior site huh? Magnificent! My business with Past and Present is finally finished, but I'll still be hopping around from this page to the other occasionaly. Other than minor updates there, I can now focus on the fanfics here.

Wait a sec.. scratch that. I just remembered that I have three (yeah, that's right.... THREE) homepages: two with Tokyo and the last one in a nebula, where I will house my science fiction fanfics. That's all the moving I'm doing.. three homepages is enough. Don't expect me to move again anytime in the near future. I hope I've made my point crystal clear.

::The sun slowly sets behind the warrior as he heads toward his future. He looks at his guest as a smile flashes across his face:: Jamata ne!

Great Maker's Sic-Fi/Fantasy Homepage
This is my site where all of my science-fiction & fantasy fanfics will go.

It will also be here that I will house my follow-up to "Warriors' Destinies: Past and Present, entitled Pilot Rayzor

Another Random Website
This is my best friend's Fanfic site. I like it! And so will you (I wonder if I could ask him to collaborate on a fanfic).

The Streets of Rage Expanded Universe
An awesome Streets of Rage fan fiction site run by my friend Matt. For those who don't know, SoR (or Bare Knuckle) was a popular Sega Genesis game back in the day. He brings a new level to the games in his novels to even an average amateur writer like me. It's also here, that I'm currently housing "Past and Present", which is slowly drawing to a close.

Nick_Chick's homepage

A great site run by my friend Tracy from Prodigy.

Any questions, comments, or ideas can be sent here:

great_maker@hotmail.com -- 2005

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