The TGT-ULC Ministry

Over the years we have conducted a great number of experiments and studies aimed at achieving the Self-Evident lesson, the stimulation of Gnosis in individual with the least amount of fuss or explanation.

Much of this information is simply waiting to be entered here. In Tantric fashion, most of our studies and revivals have been conducted under the auspices of public festivals, concerts, and even within Pscho-Forensic controls. Fire walks, rebirths, desert fasting, sexual tantra and rythm hypnosis have been employed, to name but a few. Others are scheduled to come soon, perhaps to your area.

We also will include a series of sermons and lectures here, to be sorted under three types:

Somatic sermons. discourse on the philosophy of the spirit.

Tantrism and Gnosticism

TGT-ULC Article

A History of the Gnostic Schools

The Albigensians, Children of Magdalene

Modern Tantra

Esoteric sermons, discussing the jnana of the past.

Interview: Rev. R L Seitz

Cina: The Tantric Method

The Complete Breath

Greek Cabal and the Mythic Lords


Meditation: Avoid Metapsychosis!

The Mystery of Reincarnation

Shakti: Serpentine Queen

Tantric Shrines

Mantra: An Explanation [1 of 4]

Mantra: Seed Syllables [2 of 4]

Mantra: Intentional Language [3 of 4]

Mantra: Examples [4 of 4]

Metalinguistic sermons, or poetics.

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