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The Temple of Gnostic Tantrism ULC

Welcome. Perhaps humanity has become educated and sloth enough to consider new approaches to the mire of dogma we have collected. The Earth is a Hell, and we are Angels under Amnesia. But what is hell to an angel?

Gnosticism is the incontravertable evidence of intuitive vision - it is self-knowing of higher self. It is also inexpressible, directly, but just as we all have eyes to speak with, one can recognise the look of shock, of posession, madness and revelation. Gnosis can not be taught. We hold nothing even remotely secret. Our ministry is the result of our own studies and ideas.

Tantra is the insiduous presence of esoteric philosophy or insight within a pre-existing structure. Come now, enlightenment seekers, look around at the walls. Look at those items that you have already stored in your personal shelf of the Akasic Library. Tantra is simply the infusion of new thought into an already rich background. Why burn a good coat when you could cram it full of odd pins and paint? Who does not find a Cathedral exsquisite, a Temple calm, a Monastery sedate? What difference is there exactly between prayer and meditation?

The TGT-ULC has nothing new to say. The purpose of our ministry is the answering of questions, the Heirophantic illumination of possible paths which might please your internal Gnostic compass. There are many geniuses, but few that find all varieties of genius palatable. Our goal is the Self Evident Lesson, the doga-free sermon, solely the charismatic element of the Tent Revival. In this time of Informational Deluge people are increasingly drawn to ideas and contexts that reinforce their dignity as a human rather than smear their faces with the same darkness everyone fears in the first place.

Take a look around. Send us some questions, or even research, and we'll see if we cant give you a suggestion. And may this lead a single soul to find eventually one's Angels and one's Daemons.

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