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Why I write poetry

I. What Poetry This

(a whisper)
I will see
Our Parade
Loves grief
A City there
Joyous Night
Not but care
All that I am
Anna's ponies
It matters not
As well to sea
a dolphin sings
Poetry you see
There are times
This love for you
There was a time
a slice of the moon
How was I to know?
As you have, you are
In passing memory of Sara

II. A Poet's Reflections of Vietnam

In season
#1 little GI
still my son
The Sword
Stand up Proud
Beyond the Wall (ver. 1)
Beyond the Wall (ver. 2)
.....This Peace

"The greatest story of the Vietnam War"
To Have and To Hold
by John Hendrix

III. Light Poetry and Such...

Wee Birds
Cats gone Cat'n
Dance, Nova, Dance
Where have all gone
Anonymous, Lloyd, and me
Oh Mother, Oh Mom, Oh dear
Of mice and men (the Poem)



IV. Book in Progress

From a Distance...
Eagle Bird Down



V. Tales of Wonder

Redemption of an errant Postal Clerk
The well versed crow yarn
The kingdom of Shalon
.....Sittin' with Ira



VI. Of Poets and Poetry

Rita Bryant - Bright this shining halo
Melissa Greenwood
Carrie Ann Pryor - Dare to Dream
Dave Roblyer - Duty and honor supreme
Lou Plummer - Rebuilding of America
Walker Jones - This Dashing Cavalier
Bobby McBride -


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Saturday, January 10, 1998

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With Might and Fury

(ode to the wolf)

by s.c.jones aka amadeus 11/24/97


Might and fury gone round cavernous rage
Send forth no more proud warriors this day
Stand fast your hate. Grieve now your wisdom’d sage
You have err’d taking this freedom away

Look now to the might and fury brought ‘bout
War, hate, famine, disease, hunger you’ve shown
You tell of honor yet I’ve seen all-out
Your greed, deceit...your deeds will not atone

...Rage now! - Torment! - Hear me this moonlit night
...Hear me in the ululate wind. I have come
...Gather your soul fast, clutch it near this site
...My howl will not fade away but become

...Your day passes to distant beating drum
...Your night passes us our vigilant prowl
...Gone are the ways of your past, here succumb
...Hear me in the wind. Hear my lonely howl

When somber darkness meets might and fury
Then know your mighty day has met dispute
Know that all achievement won, meets jury
All deeds and might gone by, end in refute

Know then fury’s howl, conscience then invade
Weigh then ‘mong’st these things our fury, your might
For throughout the ages you’ve wrong portrayed
The Brotherhood of wolves there in the night


I didn't know

by s.c.jones 11/23/97


Of times when sorrow grieves
When the morn comes new day
Gone then in passing leaves
No way now to repay

Gone now forever here
When sorrow grieves this way
Of heartache now unclear
No way now words can say

When sorrow grieves of love
Heaven waits earth below
Gone from here there above
No way now I didn't know


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