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"True music... must repeat through the inspirations of the people and the times"
~George Gershwin

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Welcome to "Trompette!"! I'm Jill, a student totally obsessed with the greatest instrument ever created, the pipe organ. I made this homepage three years ago(wow, has it really been that long?) to inform and bring together other that love this magnificent instrument, and I feel it is serving it's purpose. Read on to find out more. Have a nice stay!

There are five sections to this site:

Organs- some organs I've played

Midis- some original, some I dug up

Self-centered page- my "personal homepage", as internet nominclature prescribes

Chat- my web-based irc chat room, active Friday nights at 9PM EST. Mainly for organists and classical musicians, but all are welcomed!

"Trompette!" news

12.20.99 Yup, I'm sick of the colors already!
I decided to go back to my burgundy/black scheme. Blue and white do not personify me at all, so I'll just stick with what I like. I have also added a new picture gallery

11.14.99 What the...? No Frames!?!
That's right. After 3 months of ignoring my page, I decied it needed a new look. I got rid of my gothic backgrounds and colors, so were just back to the ol' left hand navigation bar and white background. Yea, I hear all you "anti-framers" cheering. Well, I'm sick of it too! When I get bored of it, I'll change it back again! Haha! :)

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