Command Structure

S:AAB squadrons worldwide follow a pseudo-military command structure. The 59th Ready Reserves, to which the 41st is affiliated, suggests the following rank structure for a unit's command staff:

  1. Colonel - Commanding Officer
  2. Lt. Colonel - Executive Officer
  3. Major
  4. Major
  5. Captain
  6. Captain
  7. Captain
Due to the small size of the 41st at the time of its formation, it was agreed that all members shall start off with lower ranks than those suggested by the 59th (above). Each member's rank will depend on the level of participation and amount of contribution to the squadron, which will be reviewed regularly by the command staff. The level of participation expected of each member, on the other hand, will vary in accordance to the position held. For instance, command staff personnel will assume more duties and responsibilities than non-command members.

Positions on the Command Staff for the year 1997-1998:

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