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Member of the United Earth Forces and 7th Asian Airwing.

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Created: 08 Feb 97
Updated: 12 Jun 98
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41st Commando Squadron - The Wild Furies

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"Strike Like A Thunderbolt!"
Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
-- Sun Tzu (c. 500 BC), The Art of War, VII:19.

Welcome to the 41st Squadron Command Centre! Known as the Wild Furies, the 41st is a Singapore-based Space: Above and Beyond (S:AAB) fan club, and is the first S:AAB squadron in Asia. The mission of the 41st is to promote S:AAB and to provide fans of the show with a place to obtain information, share opinions, and communicate with other S:AAB fans worldwide.

Here at the Command Centre, you can read about the latest news of the 41st on the Bulletin Board. Questions about the 41st are answered in the Briefing Room, and information on the current squadron members can be obtained at the Personnel section. The 41st is always looking for new members to join its ranks; if you would like to join us, check out our Recruitment requirements. Be sure also to check out our Archives for fanfic, games, etc. by our members! The Mission Logs and the Logistics department are currently not available.

For more information about Space: Above and Beyond, visit our Intelligence department. You may also want to look at some of the most important S:AAB Resources available on the Internet. Finally, in our Communications department, you can find information on how to keep in touch with S:AAB fans worldwide.

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Bulletin Board 12 Jun 98

NEW! 41st Squadron Archives set up on 12 Jun 98.
As of 26 May 98, the 41st Squadron has 30 members.
Command Centre undergoing major renovation. Watch yer step!
12 Feb 98: Briefing Room added.
31 Jan 98: 1st year anniversary of the 41st. HOOYAH!
Operations Role Call, Bughunt, and North Pole (codenamed Sticky Chewy
Chocolate) concluded. Squadron structure and member status revised accordingly.
31 Oct 97: First squadron patch design submitted (see top of page).
27 Sep 97: 7th Asian Airwing formed with other Asian S:AABers.
09 Aug 97: An interview about the squadron by a reporter from the Straits Times did
*not* appear on the 1997 National Day supplement as promised. The 41st declares


The 41st follows a pseudo-military command structure. All new members automatically become 2nd Lieutenants; promotions may be awarded depending on the level of participation and responsibilities taken.

A complete listing of all members, as well as member information, can be obtained from the personnel files.


The 41st welcomes fellow Singaporean S:AABers to join its ranks. Interested parties may want to look at the membership requirements and fill in an application form; alternatively, they can contact Wildfire, Silencer, or Cyclone for more information.

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