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Worldwide S:AAB Squadrons

Space: Above and Beyond has a worldwide following, with fans of the show organizing into local squadrons, air wings, battalions, and so on. S:AABers may obtain contact information for any unit from the following sites, which list all known units within the S:AAB fandom.

Mailing Lists

A few S:AAB-related mailing lists have been set up: Information about Space-L, SAABfic-L, and SAABinfo may be obtained at the Space-L Listserv.


S:AAB fans meet regularly on IRC. Some known locations include:


Many S:AAB fans also meet regularly on WildCardMOO. A good MUD client to use is zMUD - you can download zMUD in its 16-bit version or 32-bit version.

WildcardMOO is located at
Port: 2064

A Beginner's Guide to WildCardMOO has been created by Jennifer 'Octavia' Ray.

Discussion Forums

A number of S:AAB fans regularly participate in the discussion forums held on the Fox Message Boards.


Discussion of S:AAB also takes place on the following newsgroups:

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