Application Form

Before submitting your application to become a member of the Wild Furies, please make sure you've read the membership requirements, as well as the notes below.

*E-mail Address, ICQ#:
Personal Homepage:
S:AAB Page:
Contact Number(s):
Favourite 3 episodes:

*E-mail Address: (a) Please provide your ICQ number if you have one. (b) If no email address is available, please enter your snail-mail address.
**Birthdate: Please enter your birthdate in the form ddmmmyyyy, for e.g. 04Apr1970.
***Comments: Please indicate briefly how you came to learn about the 41st squadron. Be sure to include any skills that may come in handy, such as drawing, HTML-programming, etc. Also, should you need more space for any of the items above (say your name is unusually long, or if you have more than one S:AAB page), you can use this space as well.

Feel free to direct any questions to KT Ng.

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