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This page is dedicated to Paul Weller and The Jam. Unfortunately (;-)), there are a lot of websites devoted to Paul Weller and I'm afraid that I can't add very much to the information already available. Anyway, may be YOU can add something to this site. If you have anything to say about Paul Weller and/or The Jam, or if you're curious to see what's already there, please move to your page.

If you want to know more about Paul Weller and The Jam, please follow the links on the link page.

If you like some information about "Covered by Splinters", a project of the Splinters mailing list, please move here. They (we ;-) ) produced a tape and a CD with Weller songs covered by some of his fans.

If your looking for a list of covers, click here for The Jam, The Style Council, and Paul Weller. Thanks to Graham Scales, Karl Gonzalez, Michael McDonald, Ian Marsh, Mike Hartland, Keith Lewington, Niels Petersen, Ian Johnson, Denny Burkes, Ramzi Suudi, Dave Mulligan, Cpt. Stax (Flavio), Ian Johnson, Tony Deegan, Craig Headland and Martin Ling who provided additional information on several covers.

A list of Weller songs covered by other artists you can find here.

If you have any comments or suggestions please email me at .

Please view and sign my guestbook. It would be a pleasure to read your comments on my pages.


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