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The angels shall always look out for you. No matter what they forgive, they just want you to do well. This Angel looks over my webpage, I hope I have done well.

This page has everything. The two I'm most proud of is my cat's page and dog's page. I love Joan and Cindy to death. I have little things like poems, and organizations, too. Please look around and any questions or comments can be e-mailed to me nitsug954@hotmail.com

Ode to Reggie Lewis...We love you and 35 forever!

Reggie Lewis lived in my town and whoever believes he did do drugs is wrong. Reggie was a good family man and did everything in the name of his community, he did drugs in college, not during his basketball career. He got help, and anybody who is addicted to drugs and abuse them, should get help too!
We love you!

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Well these graphics were given to me when the two Irish Tibetian guys called Hans & Thomas celebrated their Tibetian New Year. I whole heartedly believe in Tibet and that they should get their land back. FREE TIBET!

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WOW! My GuestBook got a big response! A lot of graphics too! You're welcome to leave graphics in my guestbook, but they will be moved from my guestbook to a page that links to this page right here! It's a lot better that way because your lovely graphics disappear further back with your comments as more people sign! I'll start working on that page soon, and thanks for leaving comments in my guestbook and graphics! A lot of them are really neat! I request no links to RAOK< or RAOK graphics make an appearance to my guestbook.

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The Judge program that I belonged to disbarred. So did the CL program but if you need any homepage help, I am here, just e-mail me. I'm just updating the page. I got a new guestbook because the old one became full. I also added new awards and new award winners. (March 25, 2000)

My page is also:

Emerald - 
The stone of nature. 
Symbolizes serenity 
and peace of mind.

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