26.6.1989-21.4.2004 breeder Pälvi Niemi
photo Valokuvaamo Kienanen

21.4.2004 was a very sad day for us. Our beloved Tatsuta passed away after a severe illness. She was almost 15 years old.

My name is Tatsu. I am the boss at home. Never mind what the others say. I have travelled a lot, mostly in the catshows but anyway around the Europe. I have give birth to 15 children, 10 boys and 5 girls. Now they are all gone to new homes, except Jasmin, who is still here. There is also my friend Minna, who is a Abyssinian. She never looks in the mirror, because she believes she is a korat too.  Nowadays I don´t go to shows so often, because my folks say that I have already won so much and also because at my older age I have developed too much weight. That doesn´t bother me at all. I think I am in a good condition to be a 14 year old lady.


My main hobby is sleeping during the days when my folks are working. Then I like very much being in the sauna. It is an ideal place to take a good, warm nap. My folks say that I am taking too much space there, they can´t find room when it is a sauna time, but I don´t move so thats it. I hate doors when they are shut. I want to see everything. So I simply open them by jumping the grip. I also like to exercise my body by running all over the rooms. Sometimes I play hide and seek with Minna and Jasmin. That is fun from time to time. In the summer we go to our summer cottage where we can run wildly, because there is no traffic or other people nearby. Last summer I catched a big rat. It tasted awful so my folks carried it away. When we come back to town from cottage I am usually so tired that I just sleep for a couple of days.  Then I must admit that I have spoilt my kitten Jasmin. She doesn´t even wash herself I must do that or Minna when I am occupied. Jasmin has already had her own litters but I don´t know how she has succeeded to race them without me. Fortunately I was there to guide them.


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