born 24.11.1993  Photo Alan Robinson
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My name is Jasmin. For a long time I was the youngist in the family. I think that I am a little bit spoilt one which doesn´t bother me at all. I would like to play more often but my mom and ant Minna are so old that they need much sleep. So I tease them from time to time so what. They will get their bodies in movement what they need not to be fat. I have raced 7 kittens (maybe Tatsu and Minna were helping a bit) 3 boys and 4 girls. They all find good homes, thank God. I have doing  very well in catshows and some judges even say that I have a good voice. I practised it a lot because my folks don´t sometimes get it what I am saying. Then I race the voice bit by bit. I like high places for example peoples shoulders are excellent places to spend time. I put my sons picture also in this page. He is already father for some kittens. So I am a grandmother but a lively one. 

I receive a good news. Neither I or my mother carry the genes that cause the GM1 or GM2-gangliosidoses.


EC Tatsutan Etasmin Sri-Mat EC Tatsutan Garion Raja-Rsayah
owner Outi Niemi

Photo Alan Robinson


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