Born 26.4.2004, breeder Milla Talja
click my photo to see my pedigree

My name is Armi. I am now one year old. The other cats in my family are already veterans, but fortunately they still play with me. Mostly I like to play with my owners' daughter Meeri, who is 5 years old. Sometimes Meeri get angry with me, when I am eating her toys. For example the hands and legs of her Barbies are exellent to chew. I also like to fetch things when Meeri throws them for me. This play can last for a very long time.

I am a very brave cat and I donīt fear anything. Sometimes Meeri's friends come to play in our home. When there are a lot of kids, there is a lot of noise too. That is not bothering me at all. I simply join them in they games. When the kids are shouting I shout too. My folks say that I speak a lot. Well I like to welcome everybody who comes to our home. The only person I hate a lot is the veterinarian. I simply donīt want to go there. I start screaming at the waiting room and keep it going until I am back in car going home.

In the evening when my folks are reading bedtime stories to Meeri, I crawl in to Meeri's arms and first listen the stories and then I go to sleep also.


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