Hiking Gear Checklist

  1. Water - a simple but often underestimated requirement.

  2. Compass & Map - especially useful when travelling through unfamiliar areas.

  3. Daypack - lightweight pack to store water, food, and basic necessities.

  4. Food - something lightweight but nutritious, high in carbohydrates.

  5. Extra Clothing - a lifesaver when you're soaked by an unexpected rain.

  6. Matches - to build a fire during cold nights.

  7. First Aid Kit - keep it simple, when you need it you'll be glad you brought it.

  8. Flashlight - critical for that unexpected overnight stay.

  9. Sunscreen - you'll be greatful not to have a sunburn.

  10. Mirror - a signal device when you're lost.

  11. Raingear - gore-tex is best but even a cheap vinyl poncho can preserve precious body heat.

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